All i could remember were his green eyes
They had me in a spell
Stop being stupid Amelia
He kidnapped you
Your mind reminded u
Hes a killer
Not a lover


9. Diffrent

|| Harry Styles

Chapter 9: Different


I stayed in place studying Harry with my eyes as he looked at me blankly with no emotions in his eyes. I didn't know what to do I was scared after what happened last night, he was so aggresive. Did he come back here to hurt me again? Wasn't yesterday enough for him?

"Will you come here or you will stay there staring at me?" he asked me sounding so calm like nothing happened yesterday, like I wasn't hurt and bruised because of him. But on the other hand maybe he didn't even care, after all I was nothing to him. He ran his long fingers through his messy curly hair sighing heavily as he kept looking at my frightened figure in the corner of the room. He stood up slowly and started taking some steps closer to me. I looked at the ground and when his feet came to view I brought my legs near me hugging my knees. He knelt down and placed hesitantly his hand on my arm making me stiffen under his touch and I'm sure he noticed it.

"I'm not going to hurt you Amelia." he said in an attempt to make me relax and what surprised me the most was the fact that he called me for the first time by my name and not by using the word 'love' like he always did. I turned my gaze to him looking at his eyes as I parted my lips trying to say something but nothing came out.

"Alright then just let me help you with this." he said ovbiously referring to the cut on my cheek and the dried blood on my face. He placed his hand on the back of my neck bringing my head closer so he could have a better view of my face and with the other hand that was holding the wet cloth started cleaning up the blood.

I started observing him as he was taking care of me and I looked at his strong and sharp jawline, his heart shaped pink plump lips and those green mesmerizing eyes and he looked so different when he wasn't angry he looked almost angelic I may say but I knew very well that he was nothing but a monster, a dangerous criminal. His eyebrows were slightly frowned and his botton lip was brought between his teeth as he was concentrating so hard on what he was doing.

"This may hurt a bit." he said and looked down at me but as soon as his eyes met mine he looked away again. When he started cleaning the big cut on my cheek I flinched a bit and made a quite weird sound due to pain that I felt. It really hurt and it was all because of him.

"I finished." he said and let go of my head. I nodded my head and looked down at my feet avoiding him.

"Um...Do you want to take a shower?" he asked me. I could tell that he was feeling awkward and was trying to not talk about what happened yesterday but I could never forget that.I nodded my head again and stood up slowly leaning on the wall behind me trying not to fall. I was feeling really weak.Harry walked out of the room leaving the door open which was a sign for me to follow him. Taking small steps I made my way out of the room and went to the bathroom where Harry stood closing the window to make sure that I couldn't leave again.

"Just to make sure." he said and walked out closing the door behind him.

I approached the faucet and looked at myself on the mirror which was on the wall in front of me. I was a complete mess my one cheek had a long and deep cut on it and the other one was bruised because of Harry hitting me. I sighed and took off my dirty and ripped shirt revealing my torso which in some parts had a weird colour of blue and purple due to the kicks he gave me. A unwanted tear fell down my face from the corner of my eye as I remembered again what happened last night.I wiped it away with the back of my hand and started unbuckling my belt to take off my black skinny jeans.


I threw the now bloody cloth on the sink and started washing my hands when I heard my phone ringing. I dried my hands quickly on my clothes and grabbed the phone that was lying on the sofa.

"Yeah?" I asked as I answered the called.


"No don't worry I'll be there."


"Yeah I know that."


"No don't do anything stupid wait for me to come ok?"

I hung up and put the phone in my jeans' pocket. I took some of the cleaned clothes that where there which was one of my white plain shirt and a pair of sweatpants and walked towards the bathroom to give them to Amelia. When I reached the bathroom door I noticed that it wasn't closed properly and it was slighty open. I couldn't resist so I looked through the small space and saw her. Amelia was standing in front of the mirror only in her bra and underwear her torso had small bruises just like her face and it was all my fault. I kinda felt bad for what I did.

No Harry you can't feel bad she is a nothing to you when you finish your job here you will leave and everything will be fine my inner voice said. Yeah that's right. I'm not weak, I'm a criminal and the most wanted one feeling bad for someone is not something I do. I cleared my throat and knocked on the door.

"One minute." she said taking her shirt in front of her body to cover her torso. She hadn't realized that I was watching her. She came to the door taking her head out whereas her body was behind it and looked at me confused.

"W-what do you what?" she asked me almost in a whisper.

"Wear these." I told her giving them to her and then I turned around and walked away .

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