A killing love

Angel silvers never expected that the fictional characters in creepypasta could exist, until she meets one of them and starts to get closer and closer to him.


2. The one that got away

Before he could do anything, I stomped on his foot as hard as I could, grabbed a hold of the knife, turned to face him and took a few steps backward. He had the palest skin, and long black hair, he wore a white blood stained hoody along with black jeans. He had fallen to the ground. He slowly stood, a smile literally ear to ear, crept onto his face. I couldn't see his eyes, because his long black hair was covering them. A chuckle came out of his mouth. I still held out the knife in front of me, scared to death and breathing hard. He reminded me of someone but I was too freaked out to try to remember.

'Hehehe your good'

'W-what do you want from me'

I stuttered

' now that you ask, I think I wanna have a little fun with you, but what I really want right now, is my knife'

'what do you mean have fun'

'ohh you'll see'

I figured that if I threw the knife far enough, I'd be able to make a run for it. I just wanted to go home now, and forget about this night.

' you want your knife back, then go get it'

I flung the knife at the wooden fence behind him. I didn't stay to see if it hit the fence, or if he cought it. I ran as fast as I could right after I threw the knife, not thinking at all, just doing. I got home, breathing hard and my mom was already asleep. I ran to my room and locked the door. I leaned against the door for a while, to catch my breath. Then I walked to my window, shut it and then locked it, even thought my room is on the second floor. I changed into a tank top and some shorts. It was summer and it got hot, so I decided to open the window again. I turned off the lights and laid in my bed trying to forget about this night, and try to get some sleep. Then it hit me, the long black hair, the smile cut from ear to ear, the pale skin, and the 'go to sleep'. I had read about that boy who tried to kill me. It was the one and only Jeff, Jeff the killer.


Jeff's P.O.V.

Why the hell did I let her live. What the heck is wrong with me. I should've followed her to her house, and killed her. She was also a risk, she got away, nobody ever gets away from me. But there was a good side to this, I got to mess with her head. Crap slendy wasn't going to like this. I know your thinking, why tell him? Well he'll know, he always knows, he reads minds or something like that.

'What do you mean you let her live'

'I didn't let her live, she just...got away'

'Ohh she just got away'

'YES, she crushed my foot, and took my knife, then she chucked it at the fence. When I was getting my knife, she got away'

'And you didn't think to follow her'

'I was going to mess with her first, and then I'll kill her'

'You better, we can't have someone knowing we exist'

'I will, I will geez "mom".

I walked out of the kitchen with a bag and a mouthful of chips. As I walked out I saw Ben, Masky, hoody, and Toby crowded around the doorway.

'What do you want'

I say with a mouth full of chips, as I walk past the guys

'Nothing we just herd that you let a victim live'


'It's weird that you let her go, cause you never let them get away'


I obnoxiously say hoping it'll make them leave me alone

'And, there must be a reason why, and we want to know why'

Gosh damn it why did he have to ask that, the truth was I kinda wanted to let her live, cause I kinda liked her, not like like but like. I think it's only because she is the only one that got away, the one that fought and played hard ball with me.

'Umm there is no reason at all'


'What no'

'Your lying to us, you like like her don't you!'

'WHAT NO, your all nuts, I'm a cold blooded killer, I don't "like like" anybody! She's just the one that got away ok nothin else'

'Uuhhu whatever helps you sleep at night'

And with that they started playing video games and whatever else they do.

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