A killing love

Angel silvers never expected that the fictional characters in creepypasta could exist, until she meets one of them and starts to get closer and closer to him.


12. Sour Dreams

Angels POV

I cuddled with Jeff in his bed. He snored softly, against my neck, his hair tickling me. I slowly fell asleep.

I walked through the forest, I was lost, and it was getting darker by the minute. That's when I heard a crack of a branch on the ground. "Hello", I say knowing that was stupid, but doing what every horror movie would do. "Why, Angel", the male voice said. It was like I've heard the voice before, but where. I could hear footsteps coming towards me. "Why would you let him do this to me", the voice says even closer. It feels like the voice is right behind me. I turn around, nothing, only darkness, it's pitch black now."I LOVED YOU!...and you just let me die". What the hell was going on, it felt like I was dreaming, it felt like I was awake, but I didn't know. I turn around, and there behind me was a horrifying thing. I jumped back with a loud shriek. I couldn't tell who it was, or what it was. It's features were distorted, the eyes were sunk into its skull. But what caught me was...the smile cut from ear to ear. Then it hit me, like a car driving at a hundred miles an hour. The features finally took form into someone, some one who caused me a lot of pain, and scars. It was Jason. "Didn't you love me back", he took a step towards me.

"NOO!", I scream "STAY AWAY FROM ME!", fear swept through my whole body. He kept getting closer, stretching his arms at me. Finally his hands landed on my neck, and his grasp was getting tight, but before I could scream he said one thing that would haunt me for the rest of my life, "I'm alive, and I'm coming for you...my love."

I felt hands on my shoulders, as I screamed,


I kept screaming as a different male voice yelled,

"Angel, baby, please stop screaming, it's ok I'm here",

I felt arms rocking me, comforting me, as the warm tears streamed down my cheeks. I opened my eyes. Masky, Hoody, E.J., Toby, and Ben stood around the bed, as Jeff rocked me, and whipped my eyes of tears. They all looked concerned. I felt that my hand was holding tightly onto Masky's hand, and he didn't seem to mind, as we had become really close friends.

"Are you okay"

Jeff comfortably said into my ear, the other guys waited for my answer.


I stuttered

"J...just.. a bad...d...dream"

I said in between sobs. Slowly calming down with all the guys around to comfort me. I felt safe with them, they cared about me, I liked that.

"Let's go to the kitchen and drink some hot chocolate, yeah"

Masky said with a smile, his hair still a mess from sleep, every one else's hair was messy too, it made me smile.


I said with a half smile. They made me slowly, very slowly forget my horrible dream, which was a great thing. I think... And hope...

Jeff's POV

Angel sat on my lap almost passing out. That's when I picked her up bridal style, and carried he up the stairs. She was fast asleep by now. Masky walked with me since our rooms were in the same hall.

"What do you think she was dreaming about?"

"I don't know, but she seemed really terrified"

I gently laid her on the bed, and walked to the doorway where Masky was.

"Well night, tell me if she has nightmares again"

He was worried about her as much as I was, all the guys were. We had all grown fond of her, we loved her. She made us feel like we weren't just monsters, like we actually meant something to someone. We all wanted to make her feel at home at all times.

"Alright and night"

I said but just before he could leave I asked,

"So how is your relationship with hoody"

I smirked as Masky turned bright red, he wasn't wearing his mask so I could see his face. His embarrassment turned to an annoyed face, but he was still scarlet red.

"We are not in a relationship for the 5th millionth time!"

We always teased him and hoody of being the perfect match, and them being at least a little bit gay for each other.

"Haha whatever you say Masky"

I watched him as he stomped off still as red as a tomato. I laughed a little to myself as I shut the door to my room, and pulled off my shirt. Then laid in the bed with Angel, and held her close to me. I slowly drifted to sleep.

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