A killing love

Angel silvers never expected that the fictional characters in creepypasta could exist, until she meets one of them and starts to get closer and closer to him.


3. Jeff the killer

Angels P.O.V.

It was 10:00 when I woke up, I always wake up at that time. I changed into a lacy white tank top along with some black jean shorts. I braided my hair fishtale style and to the side so it was hanging over my shoulder, grabbed some flats and headed downstairs. My mom had already gone to work, I almost never saw her in the mornings and didn't see her till seven or nine. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a bagel and popped it in the toaster.while I waited I texted my BFF Emma but everyone calls her Em. She had long dark brown hair with dark brown eyes. She's really short compared to me, I'm like 5'5 and she's like 4' and I make fun of her height, just to mess with her, and she doesn't take it seriously.

Angel: Oh MYGOD I almost got murdered yesterday

Em: oh my god really did u live

Angel: Em I'm serious I really did almost get killed and I've only told you.

Em: oh ur not joking r u

Angel: no

Em: did u see who it was

Angel: no I didn't recognize him

NO WAY I was going to tell her that it was Jeff the killer, she'd think I was INSANE. Even thought she already knows I'm insane and she is too. But still, I didn't even know if it was really him or just someone copying his ways. Just then the toaster rang and I took out the bagel and got some peanut butter.

Em: well that's to bad, hey u should come over and fill me in with the details.

Em lived four blocks away from my house so I could just walk over there. I smeared peanut butter on both of the bagels, took a few bites and texted back.

Angel: kk be there in a minute

I plopped the rest of the bagel in my mouth as I walked out the door. I then started to think how I was going to explain this to Em, then started to think why Jeff hadn't killed me.

'Why didn't you just kill me?'

I cought myself saying out loud. Good thing nobody else was around.

'I just didn't feel like it'

I almost screamed, but realized it was just Jeff and he had put his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming. I shoved his hand away from me and move back a little. I looked him up and down to see if he had any weapons anywhere, but it didn't look like he did.

'It alright I'm not gonna do anything to you'

Surprisingly I believed him, I realllly didn't know why I just did.

'Why the hell did you have to scare me like that'

He shrugged and I kept on walking. He walked next to me, I don't know why though, actually I didn't know why he was here in the first place.

'Why are you here'

Looking at him quickly, then looking forward again.

'Just wanted to make sure nobody else had killed you yet'

He chuckled a little at what he had said. I was a little nervous being with him, I mean he did try to kill me yesterday. I then thought about how he had said that he didn't feel like killing me.

'What do you mean you didn't feel like it'

'I just didn't feel like dealing with you and my foot was in a lot of pain'

I suddenly felt bad and I was blurting out sorry


What the heck is wrong with me, he tried to kill me last night, he's the one that should be saying sorry. But I couldn't take it back any more.

'Enough about last night, you should tell me your name'

I thought that was really weird, because he was a killer why'd he want to get to know me. I just told him because I don't think he is going to leave me alone for a while.


I say hoping he won't ask for my last name. So he won't ask, I decided to ask him a question.

'What's your name'


'Jeff what'

'Jeff the killer'

I still didn't understand why he didn't just kill me, what was he waiting for. Then I remembered he said he was going to mess with me...but how. We finally got to Em's house. The whole way there we talked about just random stuff and there were some awkward silences most of the time. I walked onto the porch, Jeff said bye and as I was saying bye, I turned around and he was gone. I guess he didn't want Em to see him or she'd probably freak. I wondered when I'd see him again as I reached for the door bell.



Thank u guys so much for reading my story!! I hope u all liked the first three chapters! I'm working on the forth, let me know if u guys liked it so I can write even more!!! THANKS AGAIN!!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL!!

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