A killing love

Angel silvers never expected that the fictional characters in creepypasta could exist, until she meets one of them and starts to get closer and closer to him.


4. Em's house

Angels POV

I had told Em about last night. Without thinking I blurted out something I wish I could take back.

'I saw him on the way here too'


'Umm yea'

'Wait but did he try to kill you!'

She looked totally freaked out

'No, he just starting asking questions'

She seemed a little confused

'What kind of questions'

'Ohh just my name and other stuff'

I said as if I had just been talking to an old friend


'Well yea'

'WHY...would you do that'

She looked even more confused than she already did

'Well I figured he's probably gonna be around for a while, so why not, and I wanted to ask his name'

Crap why did I say that

'Did he tell you his name?'

I thought about weather I should tell her or not. I guess I'm gonna have to tell her at some point


I didn't say anything after that, hoping she wouldn't ask what his name was


'Well what'

I acted like I didn't know what the heck she was talking about

'Well...what's his name'



I said it so quietly she didn't hear me


I said loud enough this time

'Jeff what'

'Jeff the killer'

After we were done talking, I started to get ready to leave. She didn't really freak out as much as I thought she would of. She actually took it really well, it surprised me a little but not that much. I stepped out on the porch and said bye as I walked down the steps.


She yelled across to me

'Okey dokey bye now'

I said bye again and waved as her front Door shut. I breathed in the moist air. It had rained the night before so everything is damp, but I don't care I love the rain. I walked when all of a sudden,


I let out a little squeal and tripped over something, but before I could fall Jeff grabbed me by the waist. When I was standing, I shoved him away and yelled,


He started cracking up and I couldn't help but start laughing too.

'Hahahahaha you should've seen your face'

'HA HA HA very funny Jeff'

We started walking and he let out a little chuckle. I playfully shoved him a little and whinned,

'Jeff it's not funny anymore'

'No it's not that it's just that, your leading a killer to your house'

'Oh yea'

I slapped my forehead and shook my head

'God I'm smart, aren't I, whatever you were probably gonna figure it out anyway'

'Yea I probably would have'

We got to my house and I started to walk up the stairs and onto my porch. He said bye and when I turned around to say bye he was gone again, it kind of frustrated me, but I just let it go and walked into my house.

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