What and Why ?

Hi ,I'm Teryn i live in Mullingar , Ireland with my abusive dad , John ,he wasn't always like this when I was younger he was nice but not now ,what happens when Teryn meets Niall from One Direction ?Will she ever trust again?


4. I like him

Teryn's pov

Today I woke up and my stomach hurt like crazy so I got up and went to the bathroom and threw up everything do you ever throw up and you have nothing more to throw up and it gets hard to breath? Well that's what's happening , I got up and started the bath , I took a long time because I felt like that would help my stomach ,after that I put my wet hair in a messy bun and put on yoga pants and a t-shirt (and I have on a braw and panties) then brushed my teeth I walked downstairs to see everyone asleep so I got a bucket of water and tiptoed to them and splashed them "ahhh" yelled the boys "Teryn you are so dead " Jessy yelled then I ran she and the boys ran after me and my stomach started to hurt I ran to the bathroom and spewed it out" Teryn are you okay " after I was done I started crying "Teryn we're coming in " then Jessy ran to me and cradled me in her arms " are you okay ? Why are you crying?" I didn't say anything I just ran to my room and looked out the window " Teryn can we talk " I jumped at he sound of Jessy's voice "sure,what about?" " Niall " my heart fluttered at the sound of his voice "so Teryn me and Niall have dated in the past and I've never gotten over him ,so what I'm trying to say is is it okay if I go out with him ?" I was heartbroken then my stomach started again ,after that I answered "sure ,but why are you asking me?" " I don't know just thought you liked him" " no way I do not like him that way " I lied she was so happy i didn't want to ruin that "thanks " then she left and a single tear slipped my eyes.

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