How To Survive With Mr. Styles.

•–ON HOLD!!–•
Lottie Seas is just a Fashion freak applying for a job at Styles Vogue. A company created by the handsome, cocky, arrogant, and possessive Harry Styles. Ecstatic to get the job she's always wanted, Lottie finds out something that leaves her in a horrible situation. Harry-- otherwise known as Mr. Styles-- has slept with all his female employees. But there's one problem with Lottie-- She's a virgin. With Mr. Possessive not leaving her alone until she sleeps with him, Lottie begins to see the complications that have entered her life. Trying to fake not being a virgin, and stay away from Mr. Styles are two things that are close to impossible.

But at least she can write additional notes on How To Survive With Mr. Styles.


6. DAY ONE IN HELL And Hard Working.

When I awoke the next morning, it was eight.

I was feeling a bit lazy, so I just threw on some light maroon leggings, a blue jumper, and some tall dark blue UGG's. I put on a locket given to me from my mum, and a cute plain pendant found.

I pulled my ombré hair into a messy ponytail, and grabbed my phone and my tattered brown journal.

After all that happened, I grabbed my usual shoulder bag, putting my journal inside and grabbing my keys as I walked out side.

•°•°•°•°• <> •°•°•°•°•

When I got to work, I was suddenly pushed into the elevator by Harry, and he pressed the thirty first floor button.

I had to bite my tongue from saying anything insulting, or rude.

Besides, he's my boss now.

He had he's lips pressed tightly, his green eyes cold.

When the floor came, he strides towards his desk, his long legs making his steps two of mine.

He buttoned the button of his suit before he sat down, his eyes piercing me as I slowly sat down in the chair across from his desk and gave him a cautious look.

"We have a fashion show tonight," he began, before his eyes suddenly hardened.

"Write this down," he demanded loudly. "Unless you want to forget everything your suppose to do, mess up, and make me the scariest thing you've seen in your entire life, Seas."

Almost too clumsily, I pulled out my journal and opened it to a clean page.

"We have a fashion show tonight," he repeated. "Your in charge of getting food for the workers," 

That's not so bad...

"You won't take the elevator." He ends.

"What?!?" My mouth dropped.

"You do know how many flights of stairs the restaurants and stage floors are apart from, right?!?" I stared at him.

"I am aware, but my guests will be using the elevators. I don't want a tiny girl with two full pizzas in her hands making them uncomfortable. Understood?" He glared.


"Understood?" He growled slightly his eyes turning a dark forest green.

"Yes, Mr. Styles." I cowered back into my seat.

"You will pull out all the clothes for the models, and help Lou and Maxi with the models." 

Lou and Maxi? Who were they?

I was too frightened to even ask.

"You will also help make sure all the models, and their dresses are in tact, and ready for the runway.

I just quietly wrote everything down, knowing if I complained he'd get even angrier.

"Then you will go check to see if the DJ is handling everything fine. After that, I want you to go assist the people outside, helping them enter. You will not leave until the shows about to begin, understood?" He stared at me.

No. Not Understood.

"Yes, Mr. Styles."

"About five minutes before the show ends, I'll tell you when to go outside again, and you will help everyone until their isn't a single car out there. Once you do all that, go help set up the after party for the workers. After that, I don't care if you stay for it, or not. Just don't come near me. Got it?"

I bit the inside of my cheek and just nodded knowing if I opened my mouth, a string of profanities would escape.

"Good," he relaxes slightly. "Now, get out of my office."

Fuck you, Harry fucking Styles.

•°•°•°•°• <> •°•°•°•°•

I quickly opened my journal, sitting down on the pizza floor's stool as I waited for the pizzas to finish.

                                   — MUST FINISH BEFORE LEAVING WORK!!! —                9•26•14

1. Get pizzas for co-workers. (DO NOT USE ELEVATOR! AT ALL!)

2. Find out who Lou and Maxi are, and help them get the models ready.

3Make sure models are fit and fabulously ready for the runway.

4. Check to see if the DJ's not having any problems, and has all the music.

5. Go outside and assist anyone who needs help. (DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL THE SHOW HAS GONE FIVE MINUTES IN!)

6. Five minutes before the shows about to end, the devil will command you to go outside again, and assist everyone. (DO NO LEAVE UNTIL ALL THE GUESTS HAVE LEFT!)

7. Go inside and help set up the after party for the co-workers.

8. Stay?


I groaned, letting my head smack against the bar.

"Tough day?" The familiar voice of Jay, the cashier at the pizza place, was ringing through my ears.

I let a breathy laugh, lightly peaking my eyes to look at him.

"You have no idea. The day hasn't even begun."

Jay was pretty cute. Soft brown hair pulled up into a tall quiff, dark chocolate eyes piercing with every stare.

"Nah, I'm sure it's not gonna be as bad as you think." He smiled slightly.

"Your right. The day'll be over before I know it." I confirmed, my stamina growing.

"That's the spirit!" He grinned. "Here."

My mouth dropped as he placed twenty pizzas in front of me.

He noticed my expression and began to speak.

"I can help you, if you want." He offered politely.

"Thanks, but I got this." I rolled the sleeves of my jumper up my elbow as my eyes narrowed on the large stack of pizzas.

I grabbed four boxes and made my way towards the stairs.

My steps echoed between the walls as my feet padded down the stairs quickly.

Holy shit, the runway is on the fifth floor, and the pizza floor is the twenty second.

Fuck me.

I groaned as my feet carried me down the enclosed, spiral staircase.

•°•°•°•°• <> •°•°•°•°• 

I let out a pant as I ran down the stairs with the fifth, and final four boxes.

My feet ached, and my hands were close to being completely numb with warmth.

I have never been so tired in my life. Even at the gym.

I gasped as I slightly slipped, my bum hitting the floor with a loud thump.

Groaning, I got up. At least the pizza's were still intact.

My bum throbbed as I placed the pizzas down and everyone attacked the boxes like a pack of wolves approaching a gazelle.

I went to grab a slice or two for my self, when Harry suddenly shouted my name.

"Mrs. Seas! Hurry up and help Lou and Maxi!"

I let out a few curses as I turned around to see a woman with light wavy lilac hair, and a woman with brown crazy short curls and light blue ends.

I limped towards them as my feet were blistered and bruised.

"Hello? I'm Lottie." I called to the two of them.

They both looked up and smiled at me.

"Oh yes! Harry told us about you coming to help us out." Crazy curly blue ends offered a hand which I took.

"I'm Maxi." Her light brown eyes shimmered slightly.

"I'm Lou." A woman who was working on some girls hair offered me a quick smile.

"So, what can I do for you guys?" I clapped my hands together.

"Would you mind getting the dresses so we can get the models ready for the show? I believe they're on the eighteenth floor, if you don't mind."

"Of course not!" And as I said that, alarm bells went off in my head as my brain kept repeating the word fuck.

More stairs.

•°•°•°•°• <> •°•°•°•°•

It was really hard not to start crawling as soon as I finished helping Lou and Maxi.

"Aww! Who's this little cutie?" I picked up an adorable baby girl with blonde locks and blue eyes.

"That's my daughter. Her name is Lux." Lou smiled as she put away hair spray's.

"Hi Lux!" I poked her nose.

She giggled as she played with my necklace.

I spun around with her in my arms, laughing along to her adorably, uncontrollable giggles.

When I stopped, she pointed to something behind me.

"Hawry!" She clapped as she giggled.

I felt myself freeze as fear entered me.

I turned around slowly, to find the Devil staring at Lux and I, his head tilted slightly, mouth gaped a bit as he stared in.... Awe? I don't even know.

"Hawry! Hawry!" Lux continued to giggle.

"Hawry and Lollie! Lollie and Hawry!" I almost burst out laughing when Lux called me Lollie.

"I-I'm so sorry! I-I was jus-just about-t to go check-k on the DJ." I put Lux down.

"... Huh?" He mutters, still staring at me, almost as if he was mesmerised.

Only when Lux started tugging on his dress pants, did his gaze tear away from me.

"Hawry!" She put her hands up to him.

I stared in amazement as Harry bent down, picking Lux up, a grin breaking onto his face, crinkles forming around his eyes.

"Lux!" He cooed.

For some reason, I felt a warm heated blush burning onto my cheeks.

It was too cute to watch.

"Hey! Go back and help the DJ!" Harry suddenly hissed.

I quickly limped towards the sound room.

Just then I saw Harry frown, his eyes landing on my feet.

"Why.... Why are you walking like that?" His green eyes blink at me, Lux on the side of his body.


I quickly straightened my posture, and tried to walk normally.

Pain erupted in my foot, and I blinked as a tear fell out of my eye.

Thank god Harry was behind me.

As I entered the sound room, I let out a pained cry, and tried to blink my tears away.

I noticed a man with dirty blonde hair, and green eyes looking around frustratedly.

Wiping my tears away, I limped towards him.

"Hi, I'm Lottie. I'm here to help you." I forced a small smile to arise.

"Perfect. Look, there must be some type of wire unplugged or knotted. I'm going to need you to go to the side of the sound room. There, there will be a door. Go through it and find the plug that's messing up the whole system." He pushed me out.

"Dick head." I hissed as soon as the door shut.

•°•°•°•°• <> •°•°•°•°•


The stupid wire was unplugged.

I went to plug it in and let out a yelp when something burned the back of my hand.

Pulling my hand back, I saw a reddish orange burn the size of a bouncy ball on the palm of my hand.

I winced as pain erupted.

I quickly plugged the wire in, limping out of the room quickly.

I grabbed my journal and checked numbers one, two, three, and four off.

I've never done anything so frustratingly painful in my life.

•°•°•°•°• <> •°•°•°•°•

I was limping down the hallway, when I had another encounter with Harry.

"Your suppose to be outside." He glared at me.

"I-I was just going out there." I cowered away slightly.

"Your taking longer than I thought you would." He mumbles.

I didn't reply.

He grabbed my wrist, pulling me towards the door.

He suddenly yanked my hand, pulling me outside.

A cry of pain escaped my lips as I pulled my burned hand out of his.

He looked at me a bit confused.

"What's wrong?" He stared.

"N-Nothing. I can go out by myself." I hid my burned hand behind my back.

"Okay?" He gave me a weirded out look.

•°•°•°•°• <> •°•°•°•°•

"Hey! It's Intruder!" 

I groaned as I turned around.

JJ, Jaymi, Josh, and of course, George had to appear and make my day ten times worse.

"Wow! What a not so pleasant surprise! It's the idiot crew." I stated sarcastically.

"What are you doing?" George stared at me with a slight smile.

"What does it look like? I'm working." I muttered.

"Are you guys here to ruin the fashion show?" I glanced at what they were wearing.

Suits. All of them. 

"Actually, today we're just here as guests." Josh smiled.

"Well, the fashion show is being placed on the fifth floor. You guys can leave." I offered a quick wave towards the large building.

"Alright. Thanks. See you later, Intruder." Jaymi waved as they made their way into the building.

Turning around, I jumped out of fright seeing George still standing there.

"What the hell are you still doing here idiot #1?" I sighed.

"I kinda don't want to leave you alone out here this late." He shoved his hands in the pockets of his dress pants, his cheeks puffing out slightly.

"I'm fine." I offered a quick smile.

"I don't mind, really."

A couple walked by, and I gave them a polite smile.

"Hello! And welcome. I hope you enjoy the function. The show is taking place on the fifth floor."

"Thank you, miss." The lady smiled at me brightly.

"No problem." When I turned back to idiot #1, he was staring.

"... What?" I gave him a creeped out look.

"You're so much different with other people." He stated.

"That's because I don't know them." I retorted.

"And you know me?" He smiled slightly.

I looked at him, taken back by this.

"That's... That's not what I meant." I looked down.

"Then what exactly did you mean?" He toke a step towards me.

Suddenly, I felt intimidated by his built, and tall structure.

Taking a step back, I gave him a questioning glance.

His light chocolate brown coloured eyes held a look of wonder.

"N-No," I mumbled, taking another couple steps back.

"No?" He gave me an amused smile, following my steps.

"I-I mean yes-s?" I felt myself start to panic when my back hit the side of a car.

"Yes can mean a lot." He placed his hands on each side of my head.

"Why are you so scared, all of a sudden?" He stared at me.

"Oh look, it's almost time for the show to start." I laughed awkwardly, ducking from under his arm, and limping into the building quickly.

•°•°•°•°• <> °•°•°•°•°•

The show had gone by smoothly, and I was outside again.

"Baby I'm preying on you tonight, hunt you down, eat you alive, just like animals, animals, just like animals, mals." I sang quietly.

I felt something wet hit me, and then another.

And before I knew it, it started pouring.

I gasped, quickly running towards the building.

"You can't come in." The guard blocked the door.

"Why the hell not?" I glared at him.

"Mr. Styles told us not to let you in until all the guests have left."

"You do realise it's raining like crazy, right?" I clenched my fists.

"All I know is if I let you in, I get fired."

I huffed, Limping back into the rain.

Shivering, I wrapped my arms around my cold and damp body.

I hated Harry Styles.

•°•°•°•°• <> •°•°•°•°• 

My shoes made sounds as I walked into the after party hall, completely drenched.

Harry stared at me while I stared back at him.

My lips were pressed into a grim line, eyes burning with tears of frustration and defeat.

Luckily, none of them fell yet.

"Okay miss. Seas. This is your last job for the day."

I toke note to all the employees who stared at me in sympathy and shock.

He roughly placed two large bags of ice in my arms, His green eyes piercing into mine as he did so.

"Who knows what Mr. Styles has done to this new girl." A voice was heard.

"Did you see how she was walking? What has he done with the poor girl?" Another whispered.

"She's just seeking attention."

Finally they came rushing down.

A look of surprise shot throughout Harry's green eyes as he saw the tears falling.

"Don't worry," My voice croaked. I hadn't realised how dry my throat had gotten. "I've got it." I quickly blinked the new found tears of frustration that had slowly fallen down my cheeks.

Limbing towards the stairs, I opened the door and entered.

As soon as I was out of eye sight, I dropped to my knees as a sob erupted from my mouth.

I slid my back against the cold hard wall as I sobbed into my hands.

Not even a brick wall in December could be as cold as Harry Styles.

•°•°•°•°• <> •°•°•°•°•

I sniffed as I shoved the last bag of ice into the freezer.

All of a sudden, I heard the door shut.

Turning around quickly, I tried to open it, but someone shoved it closed again.

My mouth dropped as I quickly looked out the large glass on the door.

I saw a dark figure shake keys in front of the window as they laughed.

I looked closely at the hand.

Red nail polish and a gold charm bracelet with an Eiffel Tower charm was shown. The laugh also sounded very feminine. This was a girl.

I banged on the window.

"Let me out! What are you doing?!"

The girl was fucking leaving.

"Come back! Please! Let me out!" I continued to hit the window with my already numb hands.

•°•°•°•°• <> •°•°•°•°•

I felt cold and lonely as I cuddled into the wall even further.

I could feel the cold slowly numbing every part of my body. Icy air bit at my already chapped lips and numb cheeks.

I could barely turn my head to look out the window to see another figure.

My hands slowly and painfully allowed me to crawl towards the door.

I squinted, trying to get a better look at who it was.

My eyes widened as I tried to speak.

"George," My voice came out quiet and cracked.

"George!" I tried to say louder, but only got little success.

He ran a hand through his hair, a look of confusion ran in his brown eyes as he turned around to walk out.

My hand whacked against the window numbly sending a feeling of tiny needles pricking my skin lightly up my arm.

He turned around quickly, eyes wide and head tilted to the side.

I whacked once more, and he looked around.

His eyes caught mine for a second before moving to the right when they landed on me again.

His mouth dropped, his eyes wide as I froze.

We stared at each other for a few seconds until he suddenly said something I couldn't quite understand.

All of a sudden he was running towards me quickly, his body sliding to the floor as his hands pressed against the other side of the window.

"Lottie!" His voice was muffled, but understandable.

He stared at me in worry as he smacked the window with his hand.


I felt dizzy, and he was suddenly getting really blurry.

"No, No... Lottie! Stay awake for me, okay?!?" 

I saw him trying to open the hatch, but it was useless.

I felt more faint.

"Lottie! Stay awake, please!"

My body slumped flat onto the floor, the last thing I heard was the sound of glass breaking before dark spots clouded my vision.

Yes, a break wall in December can't be as cold as Harry Styles.

But the truth of the matter is that this is the first time George had called me by my real name, and this was the first time I had called him by his.

And it was a mess, really.




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