Hard To Get

This is a story about a girl name Lacey and her two friends Angela and Layla. They live a normal 16 year old life. Until One Direction come to their school and the girls must help them setup.


5. Job

Lacey's P.O.V

"So now that we know each other, what do you need help with?" I looked at the 1D boys. "Ahh girls I see you have meet the people you are helping today," I heard a voice say I turn to the door and saw the principle standing there. "Yes sir, we have and it was quite a surprise." "By surprise Angela means such a surprise that little miss clumsy Layla over there fell over." Once I said that everyone started laughing but Layla "Hey I'm not clumsy!" "yes you are Lay, so sir what are you here for?" "Well I'm here to tell you that you are helping the One Direction boys with what ever they want, but your main job is showing them around the school, got it?" "Yes sir, but can we go get our bags and everything from our class?" "Yes of course Lacey, I'm really happy that you are still considering education." "thanks sir," and with that sir walked out the hall. "um Lay, Angie and I will be back soon, give us at least 5 minutes." "Ok thanks so much for helping us," aww Liam is so adorable, wait I know what you are thinking not like that I mean baby adorable. But I know Layla doesn't think that, you see Layla and Angie have favourite members but they won't tell any of us at the 'friend' table.


Ok so I am dedicating this chapter to someone who has supported me all through this story and someone who means a lot to me and that is one of my best friends and I love her for supporting me.

No one answered last times question of the day so I'm not going to do another one but thank you guy I hope you likes it.

Vote, comment and I love yea :*

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