Hard To Get

This is a story about a girl name Lacey and her two friends Angela and Layla. They live a normal 16 year old life. Until One Direction come to their school and the girls must help them setup.


4. Introductions

Lacey's P.O.V

As I was staring at the 5 guys in front of me I heard a thump and turned around. "Oh my god what happened?" "I'm all good, I just got a little over excited and fell," Layla said, "Of course it was you who fell over, Layla." "What's that meant to mean?" "You are clumsy Lay that's what I mean." "I am not," "Really well prove it copy after me," "Ok." With that said I did a double hand spring and ended with an arial, as I stood up I heard clapping, oh crap I forgot they were here. "Don't try that Layla you will probably hurt yourself, anyways I'm Lacey and these are my friends Layla and Angela."

-------------------After the introductions---------------------

Zayn's P.O.V (bet you didn't see this coming)

As me and the boys were waiting for our help to arrive I heard the loud noise from the doors opening, as I turned around I saw the most beautiful girl dancing with 2 other girls behind them, I turned back to look at the girl and realised she was yelling out the lyrics to one of the boys and my songs. I could hold it anymore and burst out laughing with the lads, that's when the 'singing' stopped and the 3 girls stood there with their mouths open. There was a loud noise which made us stop laughing, and look up to see one of the girls on the floor. After they finished arguing, the stunning girl started doing flips and wow was she amazing. After the introductions I found out the beautiful one with ombre hair name was Lacey, the one with brown hair name was Angela, and the one with dirty blond hair name was Layla.


Thank you so much for reading this story and at the end of each chapter I am going to ask you a question and my favourite will get a follow and they will be mentioned in the next chapter

Today's question: If you had to play hard to get with one member who would it be and why?

So thank you again and live yea :*

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