Hard To Get

This is a story about a girl name Lacey and her two friends Angela and Layla. They live a normal 16 year old life. Until One Direction come to their school and the girls must help them setup.


6. Get To Know Lacey

What's up buttercup? Hey! So I realised I haven't really given you profiles of the characters, so that's what the next couple of chapters are going to be about. And ok I'm a Zayn girl but did anyone else see that Zayn has postponed the engagement, like what?! And I really love Perrie and I feel sorry for her because it's been what a year since they got engaged? Anyways let me know your thoughts on that? Also if you ever want to talk to me it can be about anything from serious things to funny completely random things, because I basically spend my life on wattpad. 4 more things and than I promise I will get on with the profile. Ok so first I am so so so so so so so so so so so sorry I haven't updated and I promise more updates will be coming as I am officially on school holidays so 6 weeks off, yay! Second thing is please go and follow me on Twitter my user name is toc_lia_love_1D. Third thing is Four! Ahh I love it I feel like this album really show how much the boys have matured and how make there writing had grown. Last thing is the Where We Are concert movie, now I haven't seen it yet but I'm going to but what do you guys think about it? Oh and please go follow Funky_malik101 she messaged me and told me to update so thank her for this update. Now let's get into the profile!
By the way picture of Lacey on the side or top depends what your reading on! Love you :* 
Name: Lacey Nelson

Age: 17

Bio: Hey! I'm Lacey (Lay-ce) but my friends call me lace. I am a cheerleader, dancer and I like to sing. I have an older sister, Ariana, and my parents names are Leah (Li-a) and John. My two best friends names are Layla and Angela but I call them Lay and Angie. Another thing to know about me is that I am not a crazy fangirl over One Direction, yes I like their music but they are nothing special. Last thing is that I'm not one of those girls that only think about themselves yes I can be bitchy but I'm only like that to people I hate and who hate me, well that's it for now bye!


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