Love Diary

Bella promised herself she wouldn't fall in love unless he was the one!
Man she was wrong!


1. June 15

  Dear Love Diary, 

        Hello my name is Bella Ally Grant! My dad's girlfriend, Katie White, bought me this diary hoping I would express my feelings about my parents divorce and growing up. I guess she's ok but she's defiantly not mom! Well I'll tell you about myself! As I said I'm Bella Ally Grant! But all my friends call me Bells. I am 15 years old. My mother, Judith Yew, and my father, Jeff Grant, got divorced when I was 4 but they remarried when I was 11. They divorced 3 years later when I was 14. My birthday was 5 days later and by that time my dad had a new girlfriend, Katie White. I call her 'KW'. I think dad is very happy with how we get along. She calls me Bells or Ally Cat.

   When my parents first divorced I made myself promise I would never fall in love unless I knew he was 'The One'. Boy I was so wrong! I will write more tomorrow!




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