Riptide Rendezvous

Juliet works for the Marine Mammal Conservancy Center, where she commits her whole life to saving injured sea life and cleaning the Florida beaches. Focusing entirely on her career, she rarely has time for relationships. One late summer evening, she is called to save a group of sea turtles. She quickly learns that they are not the only ones who need saving when she meets Harry Styles, whose cheeky but rugged personality makes her question her own motives. Maybe she was so busy saving the world that she didn't realize it was she HERSELF who needed to be saved...


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5


God damn. I was infuriated. My knuckles turned white as I grasped the steering wheel. All I could see when I closed my eyes was her face, twisted and gnarled with terror, as he touched her. My skin was crawling.

"She's safe now." I said aloud, feeling as if the car windows were shrinking, trapping me inside with this unwelcomed feeling of rage.

I turned on the radio hoping for some decent music to calm down my thoughts. Unfortunately, some bubbly pop song blared through the speakers. I winced, pressing the radio button unnecessarily hard to stop the awful music.

I pulled one of my favorite CDs from the glove compartment and jammed it into the cd slot. The placid melody of Clair de Lune immediately changed my mood and I relaxed my grip on the wheel.

I pulled into my long, winding driveway, turned off the car, and left the key in the ignition. I kicked my feet up on the dashboard, reclined the seat and closed my eyes.

Her long, caramel colored hair swirled beneath the ocean's surface. She emerged from the water looking even more beautiful than before. I touched her cheek gently, catching the tiny droplets of water that rested on her long eyelashes. She ran her fingers through my hair, entwining them with my unruly curls. I sighed heavily as she nuzzled her head into my chest. She looked up at me with pleading eyes and leaned in. We were nose to nose...

I jolted awake to a loud, bellowing boom of thunder. Rain softly pelted against the windshield. I sighed heavily and grabbed my keys, braving the storm that disrupted my lucid dreaming.


I danced around my small bathroom to the Disney pandora station. 21 years old and I was still a little kid at heart. The lights flickered as I plugged in my curling iron. I didn't think twice, as it was probably the poorly wired circuit in this apartment. I made a mental note to call an electrician tomorrow morning.

A loud crack of thunder rattled the bathroom window. Ugh. Praying it didn't rain, I decided to curl my hair anyway.

"Flippin your fins you don't get too far.." I sang as I twirled the curling wand around a tiny section of hair. I moved slowly despite the fact that I only had 40 minutes to get ready before meeting Elle for dinner. I slipped into a pale yellow sundress and my favorite pair of wedges.

My cat, Phoebe, jumped into the vanity and knocked my makeup bag over. I knelt down to pick up my mascara, scratching her favorite spot right behind her left ear. I twisted the cap off and brought the wand to my eyes just as another loud BOOM and the pitter patter of rain danced upon the window. Startled, I jabbed myself right in the eye. Why did mascara burn so badly?

I wiped the clumpy black blotches off my eyelids and quickly reapplied the mascara. I grabbed my silver clutch, checked my face once more in the mirror, and retrieved my umbrella from the closet before braving the storm.

The drive to Mickey's Bar and Grille took slightly longer than usual due to the storm. The rain fell in sheets and my windshield wipers just couldn't keep up. I found Elle's Audi and parked next to it. My umbrella nearly turned inside out from the wind as I frantically ran from my jeep to the bar's entrance.

Elle rocked on her bar stool, giggly as can be over whatever the blonde man had just whispered in her ear.

He looked familiar. I felt like I might've seen him in Mambo's earlier but I wasn't 100% sure.

She greeted me with a tight squeeze and eyed my attire from head to toe.

"Juliet! You look gorgeous! AHHH I just love it when you dress up!" she beamed like a child on Christmas morning.

" I've been looking forward to this all day," I admitted. "You won't believe what's happened since lunch time!"

We made our way to a small booth in the back and ordered drinks immediately.

Elle nearly choked on her gum at my choice of beverage.

"sex on the beach!?!?" she yelled, a little too loud. "what exactly are you trying to tell me!?!?"

I laughed and began telling her the whole ordeal from start to finish, not leaving out a single detail.

"I dunno, know how I feel about tattoos." she started.

"I'm telling you. They look phenomenal on him. He pulls them off extremely well. "

I got to the part of the story where Aaron had me pinned helplessly against my jeep. Her eyes widened and she fiddled with her necklace. When I got to the best part (Harry being a cop) she flung her spoon so hard that it hit the couple making out in the booth behind us.

Elle out her head in her hands and let out one of her famous dramatic sighs.

"This. Is. Too. Good. WAIT WAS HE IN UNIFORM!? My ovaries would've exploded right then and there!" she exclaimed.

Me too...I thought to myself.

"Sadly, he wasn't." I informed her. She pressed me for more and more details even after I said I was sure that I didn't leave anything out. Throughout my storytelling, I pictured Harry. His muscular shoulders dipping low into the waves. Black swirls of ink meandering down this bulging biceps. The v-line peeking its way out of his yellow swim trunks...

"Juliet? Earth to Juliet!!" Elle shrieked, pulling me out of my daydream.

"Hmmmmm?" I dragged out the syllables.

"Glossy eyes, hand on your chin, barely touching your've got it baaaaad. "

I felt my cheeks flush. "All I'm saying is he's reaaaally attractive. And he's a gentleman." I nodded.

I poked around my Caribbean salad as Elle talked a mile a minute about the blonde haired boy she met at the bar.

"He works for Disney!" she informed me excitedly. He works in attractions! Today he was stationed at the Aladdin ride. I'd like to take a ride on his magic carpet to a whole new world if ya know what I mean.." she winked.

I laughed as she continued to crack jokes about getting with the blonde haired Disney cast member. The lights in Mickey's flickered twice and then the power was out. A group of extremely pissed off men slammed their hands on the bar counter over missing the final inning of the Yankee's game.

"Kinda glad the lights went off," Elle began. "Those guys look better with the lights off!"

We laughed and reminisced to the time the power went out campus-wide during our second semester of college and we were trapped in an elevator with a pizza delivery guy.

The waiter came and offered me another drink. " Would you like a another round of sex on the beach miss?" he offered.

Elle giggled uncontrollably. " Yoooou bet she would! Juliet's veerrrry good on the beach!"

I shot her a look. " Actually I will not be having any more tonight, thank you though." Elle pouted and sank back into the booth. She was an emotional drunk.

I nudged her arm and she sat back up. " I can't drink anymore, I had a couple drinks at lunch so I really should stop." I told her.

"Fiiiiine," she whined. But I'm not done yet!"

The waiter took her order and I checked my phone. 11:47 PM. 5 missed calls from Braedan. Braedan never called me this late unless it was work related...

SHIT. THE TURTLES. I shot up out of the booth and darted for the exit. "It's an emergency," I yelled over my shoulder to Elle, who barely noticed as the blonde haired man brought her over another drink. I dialed Braedan's number frantically and he picked up on the first ring.

"Jul." he gasped and I could tell he was panicking. "You need to get here right away. I'm about to preform surgery on a stingray that got struck by a coastguard ship and Aaron's nowhere to be found and Trisha is manning the front desk we still have no power the emergency phone keeps ringing and idk where Tony is and -"

His words were jumbling together and I could barely understand what he was trying to tell me.

"I'm on my way. Thank god I never cleaned out my jeep so I still have all my gear." I assured him.

"WAIT BEFORE YOU HANG UP!" he started, "This guy called us from the beach. Says he was surfing and he found an injured turtle about half a mile from the shore and he felt uncomfortable leaving it so he's staying out there until someone comes. Really awesome that he cares so much but it's like an apocalypse out there right now!" Braedan sighed. "You're the turtle expert so you better get here quick."

I rolled my eyes. "How could anyone be so stupid, Brae? Not only do we have a turtle out there but we've got a guy putting himself in an extremely dangerous situation with no lifeguard on duty in the middle of an awful storm!"

I was so touched that someone was showing a genuine interest in the well- being of marine life, but I was also really agitated that someone was out there, risking their live to save someone else's. That was my job. I'm the one who's supposed to be saving the world.

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