Riptide Rendezvous

Juliet works for the Marine Mammal Conservancy Center, where she commits her whole life to saving injured sea life and cleaning the Florida beaches. Focusing entirely on her career, she rarely has time for relationships. One late summer evening, she is called to save a group of sea turtles. She quickly learns that they are not the only ones who need saving when she meets Harry Styles, whose cheeky but rugged personality makes her question her own motives. Maybe she was so busy saving the world that she didn't realize it was she HERSELF who needed to be saved...


3. Chapter 3


Why the hell did I think it was a good idea to set my alarm for 4AM? Niall begged me to go surfing with him, and I couldn't oblige. He was my best lad. I sleepily rolled out of my bed and slipped into my swim trunks.

I called Niall. No answer. He better be up or I'm going to kick his arse. After all, HE was the one who begged me to go surfing. I impatiently dialed his number two more times. No answer.

I browsed twitter and found out that he wound up working a longer shift and didn't get home till 2AM. Damnit, Disney. What could you possibly need to keep him for so long for? This wasn't surprising, though. Niall loves working extra hours. I guess he just can't get away from that Disney Magic.

Well shit. I'm already up and I'm sure as hell not going to fall back asleep now.

I crammed a banana down my throat and grabbed my board, heading out the door by 4:15. The beach was empty, desolate, and the sky was so grey that it could send you into depression, but I loved how serene it looked. I drug my surfboard across the cool sand. It squeaked. Damnit. Should've put some fresh wax on it before I left. Oh well.

The air temperature was cool and inviting, very uncharacteristic of the sweltering Florida humidity. I lazily made my way down the beach and headed for the shoreline. Bits of sea foam sprayed across my chest and fizzled out. The creamy white bubbles stood out awkwardly against my inked skin.

I dove head first under the water and let the rush of the cool water awaken my senses. I jetted upward out of the sea and flipped my curls out of my eyes. Damnit, I needed a haircut. Well, maybe not. Everyone thinks I do, but I'm content with the length of my locks for now.

I pushed my hair behind my ears and greeted the rising sun with open arms. I noticed the bright blue shirt of an MMC worker. Those freaking hippies, always trying to save the dolphins and some shit. I personally fancied the turtles.

I brought my attention back to the bright blue shirt. I'd only been a Florida resident for 4 months, but I hadn't seen this girl before. Every girl that ever approached me fell all over me. I wasn't conceited the slightest bit, but always being the center of attention is something I had gotten used to.

A wave whacked into my torso and I began paddling as far away from the shore as I could. Making my way into the depths of the ocean, I paddled towards the rising sun. Bright beams of radiant light grazed my back, the heat intensifying on my tattoos.

Being on the open ocean cleared my mind better than anything else. Before I knew it, hours had passed and I was freaking starving. I quickly made my way back to the shore. The beach was already crawling with eager tourists and their energetic children.

Slightly annoyed, probably from the hunger, I sulked back up the shoreline and into the beach. Jesus! The sand was too damn hot already. I dreaded the long walk up the blazing inferno. I Still wasn't accustomed to the heat.

The bright blue MMC girl had removed her tank top to reveal a stunning white and teal bikini. I found myself staring at her bottoms, which were encrusted with tiny little jewels that made illuminating specs in the sunlight.

God damnit Harry, I thought. That is so perverted of me. You're looking at her lady parts. Stop it. As if he knew what I was doing, a little boy darted between my legs and shot me with a water gun. Where were his parents? I shrugged and continued making my way up the beach, keeping an eye out for the rampant little boy to attack again.

The little sucker did. And he headed straight for the turtles. MMC girl is going to be livid, I thought. I watched anxiously as she sprang from her chair like a speeding bullet to save her precious turtles.

Her chair collapsed and tangled into a bloody mess. I felt kinda bad. She looked pretty distressed over the whole ordeal. While she was talking to the run-away water gun bandit, I went over to her blanket and tried to fix the chair.

Well, this was useless. The old piece of junk was clamped shut. Just when I thought I unpried it, the damn thing

nearly chopped my finger off. I mumbled expletives under my breath when I felt like I was being watched.

MMC girl was looking down at me. She looked like she was about to vomit.

"Hi.." She stared at me with wide brown eyes. Did I have something in my teeth?

"Your chair's a piece of crap," I stated. "Tried to fix it, but it's broken. I suggest buying a new one from Charlie's Chairs down the block from here."

She liked like she was about to faint; I wished her chair wasn't broke so she could sit down. Better put "buy a new chair" on the top of her to-do list...

"Ooh okaaaay. Thanks for trying, I guess." She rocked back and forth on her heels.

"You're very welcome," I replied, picking chunky bits of sand off my kneecaps.

We were silent for a few brief moments and she kept her head low, focusing on rocking her feet in the sand. How was she freaking tolerating the heat?

The sunlight filtered through her long brown hair, which was turning a Carmel color that reminded me of the chocolates my mum gifted me on holidays back in London.

Her rather form-fitting bikini clung to her hourglass figure. It was modest, but yet it was undeniably sexy. It contrasted against her young face, sprinkled with nutmeg colored freckles that hinted at innocence and purity.

Oops. How long have I been staring? Has it been 30 seconds or 2 minutes?

I walked away, scampering across the hot sand. I turned back once and flashed her a smile. I think I scared her...maybe I should cut my hair.

She waved back, slowly, obviously deep in thought.

I couldn't quite figure out why, because nothing really happened between us but a mere friendly conversation, but I had hoped her thoughts were about me.

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