Riptide Rendezvous

Juliet works for the Marine Mammal Conservancy Center, where she commits her whole life to saving injured sea life and cleaning the Florida beaches. Focusing entirely on her career, she rarely has time for relationships. One late summer evening, she is called to save a group of sea turtles. She quickly learns that they are not the only ones who need saving when she meets Harry Styles, whose cheeky but rugged personality makes her question her own motives. Maybe she was so busy saving the world that she didn't realize it was she HERSELF who needed to be saved...


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1:


4:00AM. I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth, and headed to the beach within 10 minutes. The air was unusually cool for a Florida morning, but I was grateful for no humidity. I parked my yellow jeep wrangler along the sand dunes on the very back of the beach. I checked my hair in the crooked mirror. Wild and untamed, as always. Not like it mattered...I was too busy saving the world to care about what I looked like. I grabbed my backpack from the back seat and dragged it across the sand, slowly making my way down to the conservancy center.

When I reached the old grey building, Aaron was perkily awaiting my arrival at the front desk, as always. I instantly rolled my eyes.

"Hi Juliet! Don't you look hot today.." he flirted.

"Just give me my schedule Aaron," I grumbled, not even trying to hide the annoyance in my voice.

He handed me the agenda for today and grabbed my butt as I turned around. I was too tired to acknowledge his lewd gesture, and I knew it would only egg him on, so I said nothing and made my way through the narrow hallway to the labs.

According to my agenda, I was on hatchling duty for the morning. Apparently someone had called last night about a massive turtle hatching migration and the baby turtles didn't have a high survival rate. I grabbed my gear, placed my lunch in the fridge, and headed for the shoreline.

The salty sea air tickled my nose and lungs just like it did every morning, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Something about the feeling I got when I was on the beach was just so natural for me. I kicked off my hideous crocs ( why couldn't we have cute work shoes?) and let the the cool sand sift between my toes. Man, my feet were pretty gross.

I made a mental note to call the salon a block away from my house and make an appointment for a pedicure. I had a gift certificate that my mom got for me two birthdays ago.

I really should care more about my appearance, although I have always been confident of my natural beauty. I loved my long, straight brown hair that turned a carmel color in the sun, the freckles that graced the bridge of my nose, and my hourglass figure. Not to mention my perfect teeth, which were thanks to my dad being a dentist and insisting that I wear braces for 6 years.

My friend Braedan, shouted my name, abruptly awakening me from my mindless thinking. He invited me to join him and some other coworkers from hatchling duty for lunch later, but I politely declined.

I guess you could say I'm pretty reserved. I reached the hatchling location and began to set up fencing when I was startled by the smack of an unwaxed surfboard colliding with the foamy shoreline. I jerked my head up just in time to see an astonishingly beautiful man with tousled brown hair catch an incoming wave and disappear beneath the water. He emerged a few seconds later and paddled leisurely away from the shore. I watched from a distance as he paddled further and further away.

It was sort of strange for surfers to be out this early in the morning, I thought to myself. I wondered why anyone would want to be up at this hour by choice. The man looked back and me once, smiled, and waved as if he'd known me his entire life.

Embarrassed, I waved meekly and tried to concentrate on my fencing. But I couldn't. Not even a minute later, my wandering eyes were following the mysterious morning surfer. He almost looked like he was heading into the sunrise. His obnoxiously yellow swim trunks were the only thing I could make out in the blinding light of the rising summer sun.

A seagull gawked overhead, breaking my focus on the surfing man and bringing me back to reality.

He was just another gorgeous boy to grace this beach with his presence. I had seen dozens of them everyday and I was always too shy to socialize with them, even if they initiated contact first. The seagull gawked again, reminding me to stop daydreaming and start being productive. I sighed and wiped my forehead as the blazing Florida sun crept out of the clouds and announced its presence with brilliantly radiant bursts of light.

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