Clarity || Harry Styles

He is a bad boy with a tainted heart, and even I know this ain't smart.


1. Prologue

I am kissing his lips so tenderly, 

as I try to forget the words they’ve spoken. 

Sucking them from him, 

as if they never were said. 


I am holding his hand so lovingly, 

as I try to forget all the awful things they have done, 

and the lives they have taken. 


I am clinging onto him,

small arms pressing him closer to me,

as I try to forget the ugly things he’s seen. 


I am caressing every inch of his body, 

as I try to remind him how he can do better. 

Writing poems on him with my fingertips, 

as I am telling him that he is more than what he sees.




I am falling asleep on the chest of a man,

whose eyes never truly close. 

I am falling asleep in the arms of man,

whose touch is rough but means me no harm.   


I am falling in love with a man, 

who is too scared to truly hold me, 

and too scared to let me go. 


I am in love with a man, 

whose hands carry guns

and whose heart carries love.


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