Clarity || Harry Styles

He is a bad boy with a tainted heart, and even I know this ain't smart.


4. O

Harry's point of view

As I reach the desk where Jessie currently is lying, I place my gun on the metal surface and breathe in heavily. I want to discuss what to do with the girl on the chair behind us, but as I see the blood coming from Jessie, my thoughts are lead away from the stranger and to my wounded friend. “What’s status?” I ask and glance towards the cardiac monitor. His pulse is low, but it is there. Daniel, who is adding pressure to the open wound to stop the bleeding, looks at me and then throws a short look over his shoulder. “Unstable, but the bleeding isn’t as bad as before. I doubt we can stitch him up now and we need to take the bullet out,” he explains. 

I wrinkle my forehead a little and let my eyes wander over the pale face of Jessie. He has lost blood, it is written across the pale skin that covers his skull. “No,” I then breathe “- Let the bullet stay. It might damage him more if we try to pull it out.” 

Daniel is the one that knows the most about medicine and how to take care of wounded people, but the risk of taking the bullet out, doesn’t seem to be worth it. “He has lost a lot of blood,” Daniel says out loud, as if he can read what goes through my mind. “We might have to drag blood from someone else.”

I nod. I do not know how to handle the situation, but Daniel seems sure in his case and therefore I decide not to ask any question. “What is his blood type?” He asks me, without taking his eyes from Jessie. 

“A.” I reply. 

“Okay, mine is B so I am not much use. What about you?”


Daniel nods and goes quiet. I look up from Jessie and at Jerome, who is looking through some drawers. “Jerome!” I shout and his eyes shoot to me, “What’s your blood type?” 

He remains silent for a few seconds, before speaking; “It’s AB.”

I sigh and take a step back and away from the metal desk. I was not letting Jessie die. I was not letting him die on my watch, even if it meant bringing him to a hospital. A hospital was the last and most urgent solution, and I hoped we would not have to use it. As I let my eyes wander around the room and over the guys, I don’t remember a single one with the blood type A. “Fuck,” I mutter and Daniel shifts little in his place, but does not turn to look at me. A silence has fallen over us, and the only sound filling the room is the beat of Jessie’s heart. I back further away from the desk, and move my hands to my neck, locking them behind it. The frustration is growing in me. I have too many things on my mind and none of them are good. One is fixable, and the other… I am not quite sure of that one. I am not sure of what to do with girl. The situation with her is messy, and just as I start to think of it again, her voice sounds; “I have O.” 

I spin around quickly, “And why the fuck does that matter?!” I spit at her and clench my jaw. I want to put a bullet through her, since her presence brings me nothing but disturbance. “O,” I hear Daniel repeat and I believe he is looking over his shoulder, meeting the eyes of Hayley Jackson, because she is not looking at me.

“O goes with everything, right?” Daniel continues and Hayley nods, her eyes shifting to me. It takes me a moment to realise what that means, before I let my hands fall from my neck and to my sides. “O goes with everything,” I mumble and wrinkle my forehead a little.

“Get up!” I then order her, and she fast stands up from her place in the chair. She raises a hand to her head and I can tell she feels dizzy. “Come here,” I once again throw an order at her and she obeys. With fast steps she is standing in front of me, her breathing fast and her eyes wide. She looks like a man before execution, or an animal before slaughter.

“Matt,” I speak loudly to be sure that I have his attention. “Get everything ready - we found a donor.” I stare coldly down at her, before taking a step aside. “Take a seat,” I throw my hand in the direction of an office chair beside the desk. A chair with wheels, made of soft leather. I would not mind placing her on a normal hard wooden chair, but she looks rather light headed and if she is going to faint during the drawing of her blood, then I would rather not have her fainting on a chair that wouldn’t let her stay in it.

I stay where I am as she hurries to the chair and climbs up. “Jerome, take over here.” Daniel says and removes his hands from the blood covered towel above Jessie wound. Jerome quickly responds by doing as he is told, even though it is from someone as highly rated as himself. Not from someone higher. Not from me.

I watch the scene. I watch Jerome press hard down onto Jessie wound and I watch Daniel turn to face Hayley Jackson in the chair. “You look pale, are you feeling okay?” He asks and I can feel my stomach turning. He is not supposed to be nice to her, but I don’t stop him. She opens her mouth but closes it again, and Daniel tilts his head a bit to the side. “Okay, that was a dumb question.” He then mumbles and I could not agree more. 

“Have you had blood drawn before?” He moves on to the next question and she shakes her head a little, “You look dizzy too - low blood pressure?”

She nods. 

“How low?”

“It’s okay,” she whispers and her words barely reach my ear. Daniel wrinkles his forehead and glances at Matt as he sets the gear up. “How do you feel about needles?” He asks, but does not look at her. Instead he moves to help Matt. 

“I will place the needle in Jessie, you just get the other part ready - okay?” Daniel says. 

Matt nods and as he moves to do his part, Daniel glances at Hayley Jackson. “You didn’t answer me,” he states calmly. Her mouth opens again and once again she closes it, and instead she just shakes her head. “I see,” Daniel mumbles and turns to Jessie. “You are saving someone’s life, so do you think you can go through with it?” 

She nods but Daniel can’t see and she realises, so instead she speaks up in a cracked voice; “Yes.” 

I sigh and take a few step backwards, sinking down in the chair that she had been placed in just minutes earlier. I close my eyes and breathe in. The situation is improving, even I can see that. 

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