The Forest

Arielle and her friends and family are camping for the fourth of July. There have been strange disappearances around the town woods. The person behind the strange disappearances attacks her and her family and friends while they are camping. He takes her younger sister Genevieve. They later find out that they are the only ones who can stop him. Can they do it or will he be to powerful to stop?


2. What Happened

I finished washing my hands and face. I needed to start looking where I thought he had brought Genevieve. The sound of her screaming my name still echoed in my head.

It had been horrible, what he did.  Mostly everyone on the campsite was outside. They were roasting marshmallows and sitting by the fire keeping warm. Their shadows danced across the trees surrounding the campsite. Genevieve wanted to start telling ghost stories. She told the one about The Soul Eater, she thought we would be safe, Oh was Genevieve so wrong.

Everyone in Greenville knew the tale of The Soul Eater. We were famous for it.  It tale goes like this…

Back in the 1800’s there was had been a little boy. He was very nice if you got to know him but everyone made fun of him because he was pale, had black eyes, and really long arms. He turned bitter from it. He ran into the woods because he couldn’t take it anymore. It wasn’t easy having everyone talk about you in a bad way, even your parents. When he was in the woods he vowed to rip apart and kill anyone who came into the woods. He wanted it to be a painful death because of all the pain he had felt. It was his way of revenge and payback for everything they did to him. There had been many strange disappearances after he had gone into the woods. It got so bad that finally one day one of his family members knew he had to stop him, so he went into the woods and hunted him down. What he didn’t know is that the little boy grew up, he was isolated and angry very angry. It was hard to kill him because he was stronger than any other human. And in the process of finishing him off, the family member died a horrible death.  As tale goes every 4th of July he comes back killing and ripping apart anyone who goes into the forest.

“Why does he come back every 4th of July? Why doesn’t he come back any other day?” Someone asked

Genevieve answered “He comes back because he hates the 4th of July. It’s a day about freedom and he never had any freedom from the people who made fun of him. He felt trapped—“

A tree broke. From just hearing her story we all jumped. The sound of the tree breaking came from behind Genevieve. Since I was sitting across from her at the fire all I had to do was look up to see him. 

He looked almostjoyful, like he was excited we were all here. All he had to do was take a few steps until he was in our campsite. The Soul Eater was holding a bug kitchen knife, the ones used to cut watermelons. He threw the knife at someone leaning on a tree. It ended up in his eye. The man screamed and fell backwards. When he did everyone at the campsite started running everywhere. It was complete chaos. I tried to look for Genevieve and my friends. While I was doing that the soul eater was stabbing and ripping apart anyone he could get his hand on. The ground looked like it was soaking in blood, as if it was bleeding and not the people.

I finally found Genevieve standing by one of our tents. I couldn’t tell what she was looking at until I looked up. It was him the Soul Eater about to attack my sister. I ran toward him not caring what he would do to me, I only cared about my sister. He picked her up with one swift movement. I ran faster. The Soul Eater looked at me and took his knife and threw it.



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