The Forest

Arielle and her friends and family are camping for the fourth of July. There have been strange disappearances around the town woods. The person behind the strange disappearances attacks her and her family and friends while they are camping. He takes her younger sister Genevieve. They later find out that they are the only ones who can stop him. Can they do it or will he be to powerful to stop?


1. The strange man

        I stopped into a clearing. There were trees all around me. The sky was a purplish blue with nothing in it, except the moon. I could see nothing but a lake. It looked like a mirror. The lake reflected all of the trees. I bent down and put my bloody hands into it.  I started washing all of the dried blood off of my hands.

      I looked into the lake and I saw that my dark brown wavy hair was messed up and had blood in it. My green eyes were wide and it looked like I hadn’t sleep in days. It’s amazing how one night can change a person.

       I had to keep running. He would not catch me. I would find Genevieve and we would go home. I had to find any survivors.  I will find a way to stop all this. Everything would go back to normal. We could stop running from him.   


        NO. How did he find me?  I was sure I had lost him. I turned and looked behind me. And I saw him. He was unlike any human I had ever seen. He was abnormally tall, and had long legs and arms His arms almost touch the ground. They were quite muscular for someone so lanky. He was wearing a suit that had rips in the sleeves and a huge gash where his heart would be if he had one. He had no nose. His eyes were black sockets and his mouth was stitched together, held by one thread. The strange man was holding a knife, a huge one about 2 inches thick. His name was The Soul Eater.

           I could see that he was standing over someone. There was blood everywhere. It was hard to see who he was standing over. The trees were very thick. I knew this camping trip would not go well. I had a bad feeling about it.  I have no idea why I let them drag me along with it.

         I knew he was coming for me. There was no one else in these woods, everyone would have been at the parade or would have ran back home. He knew exactly where I was, he knew where everyone was…

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