Change of direction

Kira and Niall realise their 'puppy love' isn't working. Is that why Kira and Zayn fall in love? It's not long before Kira realises Zayn has a steel heart and loves no one. What about Niall? His princess, his first real reationship, his life has gone. What does he do? 1D NOT FAMOUS ;)



Thankyou for reading my book- this is my second one. If you want, check out your way- my first book (it's rubbish). In this story One direction are not famous. ~WARNING~ in this story there will be swear words, violence and possibly sex. Anything I say about the characters isn't always truthful e.g Liam is a punk or harry is a hippie (lol) hope you enjoy ;)

Stay_thatdirection :)

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