Hidden Powers Academy

You get to put a character in this story and they will have a special ability or power just leave who you want to be added to the school in the comments and I will add them to the story.

When I think I have enough people then I will stop asking.
Please comment your person because if you don't comment we don't have a story


2. Yay

Somebody commented on my story so thank you but I still need a lot of people so please take the time to comment someone so we can have a story :)

We have:

*Bella Coulk (The Dark Hood).


Taken by Peter Parker.

Hero (acts like villain).

Manipulate people and a Witch.

*Emily Von Axe (Emma).


Taken by Deadpool.

Hero but is like a villain (can't be trusted).

Manipulate (like Scarlett Witch) and water comes out of hands.

There are still a lot of open spots so don't be shy and just comment somebody.

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