Imagines *CLOSED*

Hey guys! Go ahead and comment if you want an imagine. Just say who you want it with (someone from 1d, 5SOS, TFIOS, The 1975, The Vamps, YouTubers, or anyone else you want!) and describe yourself (optional). I will take care of the rest! I'll figure out everything, like the setting and what will happen. (It's easier that way)



5. Niall/Liam and Ariana


Sorry we're going to have to make these shorter. :(

But we'll still try to make them good!


Ariana's POV-


"Ariana!" Niall yells. I peek around the corner into the living room and see him looking for me. I go back inside the kitchen and wait for him to come in here. Once he does, he walks right pass me, not seeing me. So I sneak up behind him and then jump on his back.

"Ahh, what's going on?" he asks trying to look at who it is.

"Hey Niall," I smile and get off of his back.

"Ariana you scared me," he pouts.

"Well I'm sorry. Can I make it up to you?" I ask and walk closer to him. I wrap my arms around his torso, preparing to kiss him.

"Of course you can," he smiles and our lips gently touch.

"Is anyone home?" Liam calls out.

"Why does he have to ruin everything?" Niall asks and clenches his fists.

"Be nice," I say and pull him into the living room with me as we see Liam there.


Liam is my best friend and Niall is my boyfriend. They always fight over me and honestly I'm done with it.

"Oh look blondie's here," Liam sighs.

"Well last time I checked, I am her boyfriend," Niall fights back.

"Last time I checked, I'm her best friend," Liam says and gets closer to Niall.

"I could take you," Niall growls.

"You wanna go?" Liam says and I get in between them.

"To Disneyworld? Yes I want to go," I joke.

"Not funny, Ariana," Liam says.

"Well you guys need to stop fighting. I love you both and I'm sick of you guys always arguing. If you guys can't fix this, then you both can leave and never come back," I say.

They look at each other, they both have guilty faces on.

"She's right. I'm sorry man," Niall says.

"I'm sorry too," Liam says and they do a bro hug.

"Finally. Now can we go to Disneyworld?" I ask and pull out the puppy face.

"What?" Liam asks confused.

"I really want to go. I wasn't kidding about that part," I say.

"Yes we can go," Niall grabs my hand and we all go to spend the day together at Disneyworld.



I thought this fun was kind of funny. XD

Hope you liked it, Ariana!

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