Maleficent go's into the future and will see what happens to her......


1. Maleficent meets and greets...

Maleficent was walking along the path when she heard a noise, now this noise was not  a noise you would hear in her world well magic world lets say..... 

Once a girl named Maleficent was climbing a tree when she fell and she fell into someone's arms. This boy looked very greedy but he was kind obviously or his hands were out for no reason. "You saved my life you" Maleficent said in joy.

"ummm... Well of course I did silly your still here living. And you weren't that high actually. "  replied the stranger.

"Well then, don't you want to be a hero?".

"Why course i do but not too....but not to....." He paused

"You mean not to someone I don't know? Don't you?" She asked sadly.

"i...I... Didn't mean to upset you I mean....." He was stressed out.

"So human boy what have you got for me. And I mean dinner!?"  She asked hastily.

"Well I have something but it's not food. Sorry that it's not food and for catching you!" He said surprised.

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