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Niall Horan is a typical bad boy who skips school, gets people to do his homework, messes around with girls and owns a gang named 'One Direction'. However the new girl in his school named Kira is a bad girl- hot, sexy and daring she gives Niall a run for his money, changing 'his school' into 'her school'. 1D NOT FAMOUS!! ;)


1. The 'Bad boy'

Niall's P.O.V

I am the bad boy. I love my life. It's so frikin' beautiful!! I have everything I want. I live in luxury. My school, Newtown High, is a dirty, unclean dump- well, only when I'm not around.

I woke up slowly, it was 10 am. "Guess I'm going school late" I said to myself. I got up and put on my usual- tank top, jeans, black vans and a leather jacket. I brushed my teeth and put my cologne on. I didn't need a shower because I had one last night. I grabbed my phone, my sunglasses, a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. On the way to school I grabbed a bite to eat.

I arrived at school about half eleven. By then it was break and everyone was outside. I casually strolled towards 'my bench' where my gang ( one direction) were sitting. Harry Styles, the last person to join my gang was on his phone, texting his girlfriend. I can't believe he has one! Who needs a girlfriend when there are over 400 in this school to fuck, that's what girls are for, right? Louis Tomlinson, by far my best mate, was smoking a cigar whilst smirking at every girls butt he saw. Liam Payne, the joker, was talking to another guy- he was gay. So what? I have always wanted to have a threesome with him, he is quite sexy actually. As for Zayn Malik, he had a blonde girl sat on his lap. You could see his cock was out and this girl was holding it, it was obvious he was fingering her and massaging her boob at the same time. Their lips were tightly wrapped together. Man I wish that was me.

I went over and pulled out a fag. Me and louis started a conversation up and kept it going for a while. We talked about my sex with Perry 2 days ago and about him moving house. "Huh?" I said to him. I had got distracted, a girl I had never seen before walked past. She was in a tight lace dress. "Oh dats da new gal" Louis laughed. "Nice right" I nodded slowly, man I wanted to be in her pants...

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