WE'RE MATES?! *werewolf/vamps* 1D

Renee shadow is a werewolf. She is currently 14 and turns 15 in about a month from today to be exact April 26. When she turns 15 she will finally see her wolf self and find her mate. But Renee is special she was powers that are unimaginable and rare ones to get. In fact no one besides her has these powers. What will her parents do when they find they have a daughter who is more powerful them themselves and the rest of their pack? Will they cower away and send her out and reject her as a wolf or accept all this and her amazing powers? But Since she is so special, she is the only wolf know to have more then just one mate, but she figures that out once she picks up more then just one scent. But her mates are vampires a little odd to happen. They already knew they would be sharing one mate but that will be further explained in detail in the story. I'm not very good with these intros for stories and this is my first story with this concept so I'm excited to write it(comment/vote!)


1. NTK!

Hey guys so I've read a lot of werewolf and vamp stories and I love them so much but they all pretty much have the same thing but everyone puts their own little twist in it. Not gonna tell you what it is so your gonna have to wait and read. And no it's not because I haven't thought what the twist is gonna be yet...😁 XD anyways I don't want to get any comments saying something like 'OMLG you copied this off of someone else!' Or 'you completely stole this from someone else' because to be honest I've seen these comments in others werewolf and vamps stories. So again please don't do any think I did that because all books like these are pretty much the exact same thing. Ok well thanks have fun reading :) don't forget to vote and comment your opinion. I like criticism...nice ones! Thanks

-xxx Kennedy xxx

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