WE'RE MATES?! *werewolf/vamps* 1D

Renee shadow is a werewolf. She is currently 14 and turns 15 in about a month from today to be exact April 26. When she turns 15 she will finally see her wolf self and find her mate. But Renee is special she was powers that are unimaginable and rare ones to get. In fact no one besides her has these powers. What will her parents do when they find they have a daughter who is more powerful them themselves and the rest of their pack? Will they cower away and send her out and reject her as a wolf or accept all this and her amazing powers? But Since she is so special, she is the only wolf know to have more then just one mate, but she figures that out once she picks up more then just one scent. But her mates are vampires a little odd to happen. They already knew they would be sharing one mate but that will be further explained in detail in the story. I'm not very good with these intros for stories and this is my first story with this concept so I'm excited to write it(comment/vote!)


3. chapter dos

-day before birthday-

I'm so close to 15 I'm so excited. I won't know my mate till then. Don't have my powers. Can't mind link yet. Don't know what I look like. Ugh I'm actually quite nervous. There is gonna be a big party at the castle. Yep I live in a castle. What if my mate is there?! I feel like Anna from frozen. I haven't been able to go out of here ever since that day of school. That was my last. If I don't find my mate in a week after tomorrow I will be forced to go back to school and learn how to keep yourself from any problems like not having the bonding process done so I don't die. Because if I die then so do my mates. But if I do find him then I am no longer in school and I get to live with my mate for all eternity and have pups all that fun stuff. Lots of people like to have sex before they find their mate mainly because if you do it with someone else then you can't get pregnant. There are way too many sluts in my grade...in my world! That can only happen when they are with the mate. But you should know that if a mate doesn't want you or had fallen in love with some one else they can reject you. When this happens you feel like your slowly dying inside and completely heart broken and shattered but your mate will feel exactly the same. But it is very rare to have it happened.

Any ways. I'm very tired. I will be going to bed now. I fall into a nigh mere.


"I see you have met your mates Renee...or will tomorrow." Someone oddly familiar says to me. "D-Davis?" I say my voice cracking a little. "Yes now listen up. I have to help you. People are going to be after you and as soon as you are with your mates you have to run away with them. They are going to take you To a safer place that is protected. Human hunters have figured out what you will be turning into tomorrow and they plan to take you as their pet and force you to mate with other dogs even tho you can't have pups with them. You are very special and one of a kind. But please listen to me. Everyone is going to turn on you. The ones you thought loved you are being put under a spell and I haven't figured out who is creating it but don't worry your mates can't be put under any spell. They will always be there for you. But Once I do find this person I will stop this but till then listen to and obey your mates. And your gonna have to do the bonding a little earlier then planed but you can do this I believe in you. Love you baby sis." Davis finishes and he vanishes away. I soon after go into a dreamless sleep. 'WAIT DID HE SAY MATES?!' Well crap. So it's not just one mate.

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