WE'RE MATES?! *werewolf/vamps* 1D

Renee shadow is a werewolf. She is currently 14 and turns 15 in about a month from today to be exact April 26. When she turns 15 she will finally see her wolf self and find her mate. But Renee is special she was powers that are unimaginable and rare ones to get. In fact no one besides her has these powers. What will her parents do when they find they have a daughter who is more powerful them themselves and the rest of their pack? Will they cower away and send her out and reject her as a wolf or accept all this and her amazing powers? But Since she is so special, she is the only wolf know to have more then just one mate, but she figures that out once she picks up more then just one scent. But her mates are vampires a little odd to happen. They already knew they would be sharing one mate but that will be further explained in detail in the story. I'm not very good with these intros for stories and this is my first story with this concept so I'm excited to write it(comment/vote!)


9. chapter 8

Harry's pov:

It's been about a week since I've talked to Renee. I haven't been able to eat, sleep, or come out of this room.

They boys have tried to get me out but I refuse. The door opened. I pretend I'm asleep. Why can't people just leave me alone right now? Who ever has taken it upon themselves to come into my room has decided they should climb in bed with me. They put their body on me and is playing with my hair. "You need a haircut styles!" A all to familiar voice says giggling. I quickly turn over grabbing her making sure she won't disappear like I let her do last time. "Renee I'm so sorry!" I say crying a little hugging her body tight. "Harry it's ok. I forgive you. The question is, do you forgive me?" "Of course I do baby! You are going through different mood swings and I'm just not used to this yet. I will though. I promise. And then I shouldn't have reacted the way I did and I'm sorry for that too. " "I love you hazz!" She says and we make out for a little bit. "Babe, you need to go eat and since you haven't eaten in forever I'm prepared to make you your regular meal x7." I tell her.

"Ok thank you hazz. Im just gonna get the other boys and make sure they are ok. I've already got Liam and Zayn and finished with them today so the first mating part is over." She says sounding exhausted. "Ok sweetie I'll be down stairs." And with that i darted down the stairs ready to make some food.

Renee's pov-

Now to the closest room from here is Niall's.

I walk into his room and He is staring up at the ceiling from his bed. "Whatcha looking at there NiNi?" "Great now I'm even hearing voices! I'm going crazy with out Renee here!" "Niall I'm right here! Your not crazy...completely at least!" I giggle. His head snaps over to the door frame that I'm standing in and he jumps out of bed. I motion him to follow me. And we head to Louis' room. He has his face on the pillow and it sounds like he's crying. I sit in his bed and rub his back. "Leave me alone!" He cries. "Sorry Lou but I'm afraid that won't happen. Never again." I tell him and kiss his head. He pulls his head up and sees me "RENEE YOU DIDNT DIE!" He screams louder than usual. "Nope I'm still alive and I will be here to annoy you as long as possible. Now Lou we are going down stairs to eat some food. Lego!" I say and run out of the room and I sit on the stairs waiting for them to come. I wait for a second before I'm picked up and thrown over someone's shoulder. Im Guessing Niall because I see Lou's wearing his toms behind us.

We get down stairs and he puts me down. "Guys I need to sit down for a bit." I say suddenly feeling pain shoot through me.

"Renee what's wrong?!" "Renee are you okay here take a sip of water!" Harry says and I grab the water and chug it. I put the glass down and shift. I dart to the front door exiting from the doggie door since I can't open the door with my paws. I run to that park the boys set up and go lay on the table.

'Guys I'm at the park.'

'Ok princess we are coming right now' Niall answers

'See you in a sec.'

I get up and walk to the tree in the corner and climb it. I shift into a human and I lay in a branch. "Renee? Where are you babe?" Zayn yells out and I flip out from the tree and land onto the ground. "Right here." I say and they all look over. "Baby what happened?" Harry asks and I explain to them that "werewolves need to spend at least a few minutes out side every now and then. So when I was staying in a room and didn't eat or do anything I lost energy and I felt really sick and had a major panic attack." They all nodded and Liam carried me back to the house. "Ok baby girl you need to eat!" Liam says placing me on the couch watching me as I eat everything. I got up and kissed his cheek when I finished and took everything to the kitchen blowing on everything cleaning everything faster with my powers then placing them under the water. "Renee come in here real quick!" Louis yells. I run to the living room ''waz up?"

"So like you said before if were gonna have kids were gonna have to start tomorrow and do the second half. It will make everything much easier." Niall says and smiles at me. "How are we gonna do this? Is there gonna be like 5 kids and one for each of you? Or is there just one or two kids and we share them?" I ask. "I'm not sure what will happen. We will just have to wait and see what happens." Liam says. "Ok then." "What is their last name gonna be?!" I freak out. "Don't worry darling. It's going to be Shadow." Liam explains. Ok.

We went up to Harry's room and sat on the floor.

"Ok so let's start the first part now." Harry says. "Ok" we all agree. I sat in between Louis and Harry. Harry picked me up and put me on his lap. He licked over the spot he was gonna mark and blew. 'This will hurt the first few seconds then it will be pleasurable.' Harry mind links Me. I nod and he bites down sinking his fangs into me. It hurts like heck but then it feels really good. I moan and Harry pulls out nipping his arm holding it up to my mouth. I suck some blood out and it surprisingly tasted really sweet. Then I was passed down to Niall. He licked me neck and bit down. Feeling amazing. Then he bit his arm letting me have some. As soon as I was done with the others I was passed to Louis. I felt really tired and weak. 'I can't move. I'm too tired' I told him. 'Its ok I understand what you mean. This should happen.' He said back I nodded and he quickly bit down onto my neck just like the others and he released biting his own arm and letting me have some of his blood. As soon as I swallowed some he pulled away and cradled me in his arms like a baby. I fell asleep in Lou's arms.

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