WE'RE MATES?! *werewolf/vamps* 1D

Renee shadow is a werewolf. She is currently 14 and turns 15 in about a month from today to be exact April 26. When she turns 15 she will finally see her wolf self and find her mate. But Renee is special she was powers that are unimaginable and rare ones to get. In fact no one besides her has these powers. What will her parents do when they find they have a daughter who is more powerful them themselves and the rest of their pack? Will they cower away and send her out and reject her as a wolf or accept all this and her amazing powers? But Since she is so special, she is the only wolf know to have more then just one mate, but she figures that out once she picks up more then just one scent. But her mates are vampires a little odd to happen. They already knew they would be sharing one mate but that will be further explained in detail in the story. I'm not very good with these intros for stories and this is my first story with this concept so I'm excited to write it(comment/vote!)


8. chapter 7

Louis pov-

Renee soon falls asleep and tomorrow is my day with her. I feel so bad about the whole scary movie thing that had happened. I took Renee up to my room and laid her down. As soon as I got under the sheets she immediately clung onto me. Smiling as she did. "I love you." I said and kissed her lips. Soon falling asleep.


"Carrot,wake up" I whisper into her ear.

"But mom I don't wanna go to school! They're mean there!" Renee mumbles.

"Honey who was mean to you?" I ask.

"Mom I already told you! It's the girls from the plastics! You never listen to me anymore!" She mumbled. Hm she must be having a dream.

"I'm sorry, I'm getting older I forget things. What do they do?"I ask.

"They call me names! They say slut and bitch a whore and geek and loser and baby brat to me." She mumbles out calmly.

I got onto the bed and started jumping. "RENEE WAKE UP SLEEPY!" I scream and she jumps out of bed and is now in attack mode on the wooden floor. "Who died?!" She asks freaked out "well obviously not you!" I say and she rolls her eyes and smiles. Her eyes go from dark blue to yellow.common "baby girl lets go get you some food!" Louis says and we head down stairs.

"Same thing as always?" I asks and she nods. So I gets the Nutella beagle and the waffles and make two eggs with fruit. She eat it all and runs to get something. She came back in wold form with her collar and leash in her mouth. The boys got this so that she can still go and run outside but now we have control over where she is. I take them out of her mouth and she lets me put her collar on and I connect the leash.

"Ok cupcake lets go".

I walk her to the door I ask if the boys would like to come. They all ran down the stairs and we all went outside. We built this little park that has a barrier So only we can enter and when we enter no one can see us. I let her go and she runs around. We sit at the table and talk.

I look over and she is sitting down staring at a butterfly. She leaps up and tried to catch it. Then she looks over and sees a bunny hopping around. She stalks over towards it and scares it. Her eyes are green. So I know she's not going to attack. She just wants to play. She lays in front of the bunny and stares at it.

I whistle and her head darts up. "Come here." I say chuckling. She runs over and jumps onto the table we are sitting at and lays down. We all per her. "Wanna play a game?" Harry asks and she wipes her paw on her noes. She jumps off the table and runs to the other side. Harry grabs a softball and he throws it into the air for her. She runs and jumps up grabbing it running to Harry drooping the ball and going back. This continues and she finally gets tired. Her eyes turn purple and she lays on the ground by us. "Baby do you wanna come and lay on the table?" Zayn asks. She darts up and leaps onto the table and we all chuckle and start to pet her. She mind links me and says she wants to go home so we put her onto the leash and walk back. Once we get there Liam takes off the collar and leash and she shifts to her human form. The guys leave and me and Renee head up the stairs.

-not gonna write the sexual part this time around or any more until the second go around. So everyone is free to read this:)-

Renee's pov-

We had finished and now we are just talking. "Hey Lou?" "Yeah pumpkin?" "So I was thinking and what if the second time we all do this none of you use protection?" I say but it comes out more of a question.

"Well what if you get pregnant? Do you think your ready for that?"he asks.

"I've been thinking about it and I do want to, I'm ready for that step. Are you ok with that?" I ask worried.

"I would love to share kids with you." He says with a big smile on his face. The boys came in a few minutes after and they all agreed to it after I explained.

Harry's pov-

Renee explained that she wanted to have pups the second time we did the mating process and we all were really excited. We've all talked about having kids with our mate and now that she wants it too we all are so happy. We have decided that since Lou did it so early that I would be going today to. Then tomorrow is Liam and depends on the time maybe Zayn too.

-Still no smut sorry-

We finished and we are laying in bed watching TV In my room. We are watching the amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield.

"Uhh Andrew is so hot! My god! How is that even possible for one guy?!" She exclaimed. "Who died and made him your mate?!" I say through clenched teeth. "Harry relax. You are the one I love with all my heart. He is just a celebrity crush. Everyone has one!" She growls back. I roll my eyes at her and she gets really upset. "WHY DONT YOU BELIEVE ME?! UGH BYE HARRY. YOU CAN SLEEP BY YOURSELF FOR FURTHER NOTICE ON THE COUCH!" Renee screams. "IF ANYONE IS SLEEPING ON THE COUCH IT CAN BE YOU! GOODBYE RENEE HAVE A GREAT NIGHT YOU LITTLE TWAT!" I scream back. Renee looks at me with orange eyes and starts crying. "Renee I'm sorry. Please stay. I didn't mean it. "N-no. Like you said. I have to go sleep on the couch cuz you probably think I'm a slutty twat. Like you said. I'll go Harry." She says completely broken. She shifts and runs down the stairs

Renee's pov.

I ran into that steel room they left me in before and laid on the bed still in wolf form. I jump off the bed and crawl to the space under the bed and cry.

It's been a week and the boys have tried to get me to come out but I've just stayed in the same position everyday. The boys bring me food but I don't eat. I'm not hungry anymore. I have continued to be in my wolf form and I am either under the bed or I'm by the wall. I need to go outside. I need some air to think. -mind link to Liam-


'Hey baby' he sounds really weak and sad.

'Bring the collar and the leash...please?'

'Sure thing baby! Anything to get you out of that room!'he says happy again.

In a matter of seconds Liam is over next to me and is putting my things on. I lick his Cheek and he kisses my head. We started walking and no one sees me. They are all in their rooms. 'Lili where is everyone?' 'They don't want to come out anymore. We share the same feelings as you. If you won't eat then we won't eat. If you are upset we're all upset. But If you wanted to be alone we want to be with you but since we couldn't everyone is alone too.' I whimper and tell Liam that we need to finish the bonding. "Don't you wanna go outside?" He asks. Not until all of this half is done.

Liam takes me back to the room I've been In and we go and finish his part.

Then after I mind link Zayn

'Zayn we need to finish this before you get too weak!' I whimper

In like two seconds he's down here and I'm already pushed to the bed. "Well hello to you to!" I smile. And he smiles really big and kisses me. "It's great to hear you voice again!" His voice cracking a bit. I kiss his lips and whisper I love you to him.

We soon finish and we stand up. Hugging and we kiss again. We walk out together and we walk up the stairs. 'Guys stay here I need to talk with Harry' I say to both of them. They both nod and I head in.

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