WE'RE MATES?! *werewolf/vamps* 1D

Renee shadow is a werewolf. She is currently 14 and turns 15 in about a month from today to be exact April 26. When she turns 15 she will finally see her wolf self and find her mate. But Renee is special she was powers that are unimaginable and rare ones to get. In fact no one besides her has these powers. What will her parents do when they find they have a daughter who is more powerful them themselves and the rest of their pack? Will they cower away and send her out and reject her as a wolf or accept all this and her amazing powers? But Since she is so special, she is the only wolf know to have more then just one mate, but she figures that out once she picks up more then just one scent. But her mates are vampires a little odd to happen. They already knew they would be sharing one mate but that will be further explained in detail in the story. I'm not very good with these intros for stories and this is my first story with this concept so I'm excited to write it(comment/vote!)


12. Chapter 11

I woke up the next morning but everyone has already woken up and are chatting with each other. Seriously?! We all get kidnapped and your just gonna have random conversations with the people around you? Unbelievable!

I never really looked at anyone, I'm just sitting in the same chair as bef- WAIT, THIS IS NOT THE WOODED CHAIR I WAS SITING ON! It's a beanbag chair...what the hell? Why do I get this chair? Not that I'm complaining or anything. I look forwards and see a video game counsel with controllers. FIFA! I mentally scream as I grab it. That's when I realized I am no longer held down by chains. I'm FREE! I should probably leave this place but.... I really wanna stay. Just for a few moments though. I promise. I get up to turn the tv on and fix the setting and while I'm standing there I see a little purple rectangular thing on top of the game system. I keep looking at the small box shape and see headphones plugged into it making me squeal now seeing that it's my iPhone! I quickly grab it turning back around placing my headphones into my ears choosing the song: 'Popular Song' by MIKA FT. Ariana Grande.

After the song ends I quickly remember the whole purpose of a phone. To contact people or in my case to contact the only people I'm my contacts, My Mates. I tap on a name, that person being the only one I rely on to bring his phone everywhere. I sit down on the beanbag letting it ring. About 30 seconds later I hear my singing echo through the room.

My head slowly goes up and I turn around locating where the sound is coming from. I keep looking until I see a little light coming from someone's hand. It's bound to be Harry since he won't let anyone touch it. The ring tone kept going off and it got to the part where I sang (as a parody to the bse.) 'said his name was Harry styles and he's from the band One Direction said that he was my mate therefor I left with him.'

I mentally face palm myself as I heard the lyrics I sang when I thought I was alone in my room. That little stalker! I end The call making the ring tone come to an end. All of the boys sigh when it stops and my heart drops a little bit. They really want me with them. You can almost touch all the tension going on between them.

My side of the room is darkest out of the others so they wouldn't be able to see me therefor they don't even know I'm here with them. I wanna cuddle. I need my cuddle buddies again!

I crawled over to them not wanting anyone to see me and getting me in Trouble with the vamps. As soon as I get over there I can see a spot next to Louis so I crawl over there and sit down resting my head on his shoulder. I felt him tense up a bit scared it was a different girl but As soon as he realized it was me he grabbed me and put me onto his lap cuddling into me more. "I'm so sorry you were brought into this Renee. I wish this hadn't happened and we were at home watching you still ramble on about random things as if you were on drugs. And us smiling at how cute are mate really is. Why did they let you go?" Louis asks realizing that they are all chained up and I'm the only one who isn't and I saw that the boys didn't even know I'm over here yet and think that Lou has just gone completely crazy and talking to himself. "I'm not sure Lou, I woke up and saw that instead of the wooden chair I was on a beanbag and the chains on my arms and legs were no longer on me. But I bet you the marks are still there and already forming as bruises!" I say sounding annoyed towards the last part. As soon as I finish all the other boys are looking over at Louis and are yanking on their chains desperate to get to me no matter how much pain it caused them to have.

(Harry's pov)

My phone went off a few moments ago and we all just listened to her singing knowing we all are going weak without her with us. So hearing her voice calms us down a little. I didn't even bother checking caller ID. I just wanted to hear that beautiful voice I've learned to love. A little bit later I hear Louis talking to himself and we all kinda just exchange glances and shake our heads ignoring him. That was until we heard that all too familiar voice. And as if on cue we all snap our heads up and in the direction of Louis. As soon as we see a figure sitting on his lap we all struggle to get over to her just wanting her in our arms. "You need some help over there?" She asks getting off Louis who stared pouting at the loss of contact and she walked over standing I front of us. She held up this little pick thing and she went over to Zayn first him being last in our row. In less than 20 seconds Zayn is out of his chains and Is standing to the side by Renee. She than walks over to Liam and does the same letting him out. She does Niall the same way.. Now it's my turn "hmm, should I unlock you?" I nod my head excitedly knowing that once I'm free I'm going to tackle her in hugs and kisses. "Okay but next time you better answer my calls young man!" She says giggling. Oh. I wish I knew that was her calling! I so would have answered! Grrrrr 🐻 she unlocks my chains and I jump on her giving her a hug and kissing her cheek moving to her mouth. She kissed back but then pushes me off going over to Louis letting him out. Once she turns around we all go over to her and hug her making it a group hug. But all good things have to come to an end right? Well that's what happened.

(Renee's pov)

They all squish me into a group hug and once they let go a vampire opens the door and calls me telling me to come. I look at the boys giving them a look whispering to Niall saying "don't worry, I'll be okay. Stay strong I'll be back soon enough and I'll come back to you. We will get out of here. I promise". After saying this I run back to my spot and walk over to the man. He grabs me by the arm and since the door is open there is light shining all through the room letting my mates see what's happening. And as he takes my arm he squeezes harder making me whimper in pain and I can hear the boys growling at the man. "Oh shut up you dirty little mutts!" He yells I take my other hand slapping him in the face. "Don't you dare speak to them that way!" He just smirks and before he takes me he says "oh your really gonna get it now!" Making sure the boys heard making them growl even louder at him. We walk outside of the room and he pushes me to the hard ground telling me that when he's done with me I'm not gonna be able to move properly. I scream in horror as he comes to me slapping my face over and over again then moving down to my stomach kicking me the same amount as he did slapping me. I groan in pain and close my eyes rolling back and forth trying to make myself feel better. Like that's ever gonna work. I snap my eyes open to the sound of a switch blade opening and before I knew it the knife was plunging towards my body and nothing was going to make him stop. Well something did. I look over and see Taylor swift. Pleading in my thoughts that she's gonna stop him but my hopes died down as I heard the words "please, let me." Come out of her mouth. And with that I'm stabbed in the legs and it's now impossible for me to move. The one vampire comes back over and licks the blood coming down my skin sending shivers of disgust throughout my body. He smirks and takes me back into the room throwing me onto the floor. I hear gasps and footsteps running towards me but darkness got the best of me and I slowly gave into it. The last words I heard where "you promised you would be fine. I'll never let you get hurt again I promise princess."

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