Beacon Hills has always had that sort of Twilight feel to it, but after living in the town for 16 years, Elaine never expected any of this to happen, not to her at least. (Teen Wolf fanfiction)


2. The friend becomes the foe.

                       I prepared myself for school and drove off.  As soon as I got out of my car and went straight inside, I met up with a couple of friends of mine, Cath and Mae. “Where’s Wren?” Mae asked,  “I’ve no idea, I think she’s running late,” I replied, honestly I had no idea what Wren was up to but I was still furious about the fact that she LEFT me alone with a WOLF who then BIT ME. She didn’t even bother to contact me, nope she just RAN. Some best friend I’ve got. Wow. I can totally count on her when things go wrong.  The bell rang and I headed to class, I sat at the very back as always; I don’t like the thought of having people stare at the back of my head for some reason. “So sorry I’m late,” I heard someone say, it was Wren. She sat next to me. “I’m so sorry about last night, what happened?” she asked me. “Honestly, don’t bother,” I said, I was rarely a bitch to Wren but she knows that when I’m angry it’s not pretty. “I panicked I didn’t know what to do,” she said, trying to defend herself.  “Clearly,” I spat out, “are you okay?” she asked. “You’re not very good at taking hints, are you? I’m clearly not okay,” I told her almost shouting. “What happened then?” she asked, trying to look concerned. “STOP ASKING ME QUESTIONS, YOU’RE S-,” I was cut off by my teacher, “Miss Roberts, if you have a problem to resolve with Miss Evans would you please go to the counselling room?” WHAT AN ASSHOLE. I put my book back in my bag and stormed off, I had no idea what was going on, I had never experienced such anger before, I felt the veins under my eyes throb, I felt like underneath all the make-up I was crimson red. I felt like if someone came up to me I would claw their face off like some sort of animal. I went to the restrooms to calm myself down, I wasn’t planning on returning to my lesson so I decided to spend the next 45 minutes hiding in the handicap stall. I splashed some water onto my face to calm myself down, when I looked up in the mirror I noticed something different. My eyes were a different colour, and no not like when you hear people saying that their eyes “change colour according to the weather” or something. My eyes were completely yellow, like some sort of animal. I had no idea what was going on, maybe I was just hallucinating because of the pain killers I had taken that morning, maybe they were expired or I accidentally took too many or I took the wrong pill. I sat down and tried googling what had just happened, none of the pill side effects had “yellow eye hallucinations” listed. I googled “yellow eyes when angry” and most of the results were silly screenshots from those really cliché tv series that had vampires and werewolves in them. I decided that it was just a hallucination, maybe it was because of the heated moment, who knows, I hoped that all that would be left in the past.

                The bell rang, which obviously meant that the lesson was over and I had PE next. Ah, PE, I honestly think I’d prefer it if we had 5 lessons of math in one day rather than having to go to PE and make a fool of myself, I’m not exactly athletic material, I just go on occasional runs to burn off all the calories of cake I consume every day or so.

                I got out of the stall and made my way to the gym. You know what sucks most about PE? Having the guys see you all sweaty, with your makeup getting all smudged up. I met up with Mae right before going into the changing room, as soon as I took off my shirt, I saw Mae staring right at my left hip. FUCK. I had completely forgotten about the massive wolf bite. “What the hell is THAT?” Mae asked, widening her eyes. I simply told her I got bit by a dog. “What the hell did you do to make that dog so angry?” she asked me, “Uhm I think I touched a weak spot on its back or something. It’s fine though, it’s bearable,” I said, trying to shut her up. There’s nothing I hate more than being interrogated by friends or family. Like are we playing a game of 20 questions and no one cared to inform me or? Anyway after having Mae tell me to get it checked out like 8625 times, we went into the gym and stood in front of the coach. “Alright, is everyone here? Today we’re going onto the track, we’re gonna do laps and races, it’s been a while since we’ve had a laugh so let’s get to it,” he pointed at 5 people and told them to pick 5 people each to be on their team. I hated it, I always get picked last, I’m not a fast runner but I wasn’t the shittiest one either, so maybe there was hope? Nope. I was one of the 3 last people to be picked, wow what an honour. We went out onto the track and I was talking to Mae on the way there, she kept telling me to check if the dog that bit me last night had owners, and to get myself checked because of rabies and diseases. Two guys were walking behind us, Scott and Stiles. I may or may have not have a little crush on Stiles aka the most adorable yet sexy thing to walk on the school grounds. I could tell he and Scott had been eavesdropping on Mae and I’s conversation. “Are you sure you’re not in pain and that you can run?” she kept asking, “for the last time, Mae, please just let it go, I’m fine and bite or not, I’m a shit runner so there is nothing to worry about at all!” I was about to lose my temper. We finally got to the track and stood in line for the race. I hated being one of the first few because people actually bother watching those people.

                It was now my turn, the adrenaline was rushing through my veins, I was so nervous and paranoid that I was going to make a fool of myself that I almost wanted to vomit, but something deep inside me was telling me that I was going to be jussssst fine. I started running, and I was going fast, like insanely fast, I had no idea I could run that fast, as I was running I could feel the rush inside of me, I could hear people cheer me on and I heard people whispering? I heard them tell their friends “how is she doing that?” “is she on drugs?” and then I heard two familiar voices. “Scott, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” “I think I’m thinking exactly what you’re thinking” “Are we going to do something about it?” “I think I should talk to her” “What if she’s just on steroids or something?” “Well then I’d have to face a lot of embarrassment, wait if what we’re thinking is true, she can hear us so let’s just shut up”. I was first to finish, Mae ran up to me looking immensely confused “what the actual fuck was that? Since when can you actually run? That was amazing!” she squealed. “I have no idea what just happened,” I replied. I looked at Scott and Stiles who were both looking at me, I raised an eyebrow and looked away. What did they mean? And more importantly HOW WAS I HEARING THEM? Was I still hallucinating because of my pills? What was even happening?

                Coach came near me and put his arm on my shoulder “never knew you had it in you –remind me what your name is again?” “Elaine” “RIGHT! Elaine! Well have you ever thought about joining the cross-country team?” “Uhm, no not really” “well you should consider it, you’d be really good use for them” I kind of smiled at him and looked at Mae who was looking bewildered, honestly. After PE was over, it was lunch time but while I was in the showers, I heard Scott’s voice, I knew he wasn’t in the showers because coach would kill him, but I could hear him loud and clear, “Elaine, if you can hear me, meet me in the parking lot, near Stiles’ car exactly after you’re done, it’s urgent.” How did Scott know what was happening? I decided to quickly get out of the shower and get everything done and go meet him, and there he was, exactly where he said he would be.

                I walked towards him and gave him an awkward hello. “Were you out in the woods last night?” he asked, “well that’s a strange way of saying hello,” I said, “were you or were you not out in the woods this is really serious!” he said sternly, “yeah I was, do you know what’s happening to me?” “I heard you saying you were bitten by a dog, did that happen in the woods? Because if it did we have to talk about a looooootttt of things” “oh my god please don’t tell me this is some sort of Twilight shit and I’m turning into a wolf or something”. He didn’t respond for a while, “well I can assure you it’s nothing like twilight, but im going to have to teach you some things if you want to stay sane.”

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