The Magic Of Love

How would you feel if everything you loved was ripped away from? Upset, furious even. Well that's exactly what happened to Arabella. If you want to know what happens to her then you're going to have to read "The Magic Of Love'' to find out how she deals with her new life.


4. WHAT?!

As soon as I arrived at the mall I headed straight to the food court where Nikki had told me to meet her and John. I looked around for them and when I finally found them I made my way towards the table where they were sitting. It seems like they noticed something was wrong because instead of the usual tackle I get from John he just hugged me and asked if I was alright. "Bells are you okay? You seem kind of sad." Nikki asked me with worry in her eyes. "My parents are getting a divorce." "Wow. I'm so sorry Bells. You know we're here for you if you need anything." "Yeah. We'll help you get through it baby girl." Nikki added. I gave them a weak smile. "Thanks guys but I don't think there's any way of changing my mother's mind about moving to Australia." Their jaws dropped the second I finished my sentence. "AUSTRALIA?!" They both shouted in unison. "Isn't there any way you could stay here? Why don't you just live with your dad?" John asked with a bit of hurt in his eyes. "Because my dad said it would be better if she isn't alone." "So... when do you leave?" Nikki asked me not wanting to know the answer to that. "Next Friday." "So this you're gonna finish off the week before you leave?" "Yeah."John engulfed me in a big bear hug. "I'm gonna miss you so much Bells." "Me too." Nikki added. "I'm gonna miss you guys too, but hey I still have one more week with you guys and we came to the mall to hang out and go shopping didn't we?" "Yea let's shop."


                                                                            author's note

hey guys I kinda forgot to mention at the beginning but I'm kinda new at this so if it's not that good I understand. leave comments of what you think about each chapter though.


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