The Magic Of Love

How would you feel if everything you loved was ripped away from? Upset, furious even. Well that's exactly what happened to Arabella. If you want to know what happens to her then you're going to have to read "The Magic Of Love'' to find out how she deals with her new life.


5. The Big Day

Today was the day. The day I leave my old life in Miami to start a new one in Australia. All my stuff was packed up and ready. I sat on one of the boxes in my room and took a final look at what used to be my room but now just a room full of boxes, slowly becoming empty. As I was about to grab the final box I heard a knock on my door and a few sniffles. I turned round to see a watery eyed John and Nikki sobbing right next to him. We ran to each other and stayed in a group hug for a few minutes. "I'm gonna miss you guys soooo much." I said trying to hold back all the tears. "Us too." They said in unison. I heard my mom call from the bottom of the stairs asking if I was ready to go. "Yeah, I'll be down in a second." I called back down to her. "Well... I guess this is goodbye." I said with a shakey voice. "I guess so." Nikki said as a tear rolled down her cheek. "Before you go, we got you something." John said as he began to pull a small bracelet out of his pocket. It was a silver charm bracelet that had four charms. Three were the first letters of our names and the other one was a baby penguin because they're my favorite animals. "It's beautiful guys. Thank you so much." John helped me put my new bracelet on. We said our final goodbyes as we walked out the door. I gave Nikki and John one last hug and got in the car. As my mom drove out of the drive way I got one final look at what I used to call home and now I'm on my way to a new life.




Hey guys i hope you're all liking the story so far. I'm adding some new characters for the next few chapters so if you wanna be one of them just comment your name and age. By the way, I can't promise that I'll pick all of you though, but I'll try to add as many of you.

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