The Magic Of Love

How would you feel if everything you loved was ripped away from? Upset, furious even. Well that's exactly what happened to Arabella. If you want to know what happens to her then you're going to have to read "The Magic Of Love'' to find out how she deals with her new life.


2. Just Another Regular Day

Arabella's Pov


I woke up to my alarm clock and the scent of bacon. I jumped out of bed and ready for school. After I was ready I ran down stairs and saw that mom had already set the table for us. She had made her famous cinnamon pancakes with eggs, and bacon. "Good morning Belly Bear." My mom said with a smile. "Good morning mom. Where's dad?" "He should be down any minute now." "OK. And what happened? We never have breakfast as a family unless we're celebrating something or it's the weekend." "Oh no reason. Just thought we should have a nice family breakfast together." She said to me with a weak smile making me believe that something was up, but I just shook it off and ate my food. We finished our food and said our goodbyes as we made our way out the door. Dad had already left the drive way as I started mom's car. She told me I could take her car today because she felt like staying home today instead of going to work. Once I arrived at school I saw my best friend Nikki waiting for me outside. As soon as we walked through the front door I was attacked by my other best friend John. "What up Bells?" "Is it necessary for you to attack me every time you see me in the morning?" "Well if I don't do it, who will?" he said sarcastically trying to fight back a smile. "Come on guys we're gonna be late to homeroom and you know how Mr. Johnson is if we're late." The day went by rather fast and I soon found myself walking towards mom's car."Hey Bells wait up!" I heard John call out and turned to see him and Nikki running towards me. "We're planning on going to mall later on. You wanna join us?" "Sure, but first I gotta get home. Mom wanted to talk about something. She said it's urgent." "Alright, see ya later Bells." "Bye."

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