Smashing Hearts.

Brooklyn was too naive for the real world, but she was a quick learner.. With his help of course.


1. Chapter One

Brooklyn's Point Of View

The air smelled like salt water making me long for home, but summer was nearly over and it was time to get back to college, back to reality. Box after box I made my way to my small dorm room praying my roommate would not be a snoring every night like my previous one. I spread my pink sheets on the twin size bed prepared to curl up and get some rest. My phone lightly buzzed as a smile appeared on my face, I had been on campus for less than two hours and Liam was already making me be happy we were together again. The weekend visits in the summer were never enough and now here I was running out of my building and into his toned arms being enveloped in the love we shared for each other.

"I love you more than life you know that don't you?" I nodded burying my head further into his chest inhaling his minty smell. I lifted my head placing my lips on his but pulling away before his tongue could enter my mouth, "If I gave it all to you now what would you look forward too later?" I smirked taking his hand as he led me down the road to a small ice cream shop where we first met. We talked as we ate the frozen treat losing ourselves in our own little world. Liam walked me back to my dorm and I allowed our lips to mesh together as I stepped inside no roommate in site. My hands ran up his back as I began to lift his shirt over his head.

The doorknob rattled and in came a young brunette with her mouth gaping open as I pushed Liam back handing Liam his shirt, "I'll call you later." He nodded his cheeks on fire as he walked past the girl. "Hi," I said holding out my hand, "I'm Brooklyn and that's my boyfriend Liam, sorry about that I figured you'd be gone for awhile."

"Sophia and it's fine. I can see why you'd want to have him shirtless." I smiled politely turning towards my bed to lay down. Liam had already texted me making me giggle myself to sleep.

I felt as if I was chained to my bed as sweat trickled down my forehead. My dreams were getting worse making my fears become my reality.

"Brook? Brooklyn?" I tried yelling, but as usual nothing came out. I sat in the car next to my mother who took short breaths trying to force off my seatbelt. Her cold hands pushed me out of the car as she screamed telling me to run, to get out of the rubble and mess. The smoke filled my lungs as a fireman pulled me into his arms holding me tight. The crash I heard seconds later echoed in my head.

I woke up seconds later my head slightly aching as my eyes cleared letting me see the clock. I sat wrapped in my sheets until my clock struck 6:45 a.m.. I slowly walked to the shower looking forward to the boiling water that would make my pores clean. Only the water was ice cold making my body numb. I quickly rinsed the shampoo out of my hair flinching as a drop fell into my eye. I pulled jeans onto my legs wishing I had shaved so I could have worn shorts. My tank top hugged my curves and yet I still felt insecure.

Class made my head hurt and my anticipation grow. Liam's fraternity was having their first party to kick off the semester and I couldn't have been more excited. I spent my entire afternoon searching my closet to find the perfect outfit. I settled on a blue dress that reached my mid thigh as I strapped my black heels Sophia decided she was coming to the party.

The frat house smelt like sweaty bodies. Some were playing pool others hung around drinking trying to find something to do with themselves. Liam was impossible to find, I searched through the crowd only to find nothing. I made my way to his bedroom only to find a moon lit room that smelt like Liam. I pushed through people to the front door. I saw no point in drinking with random strangers when all I wanted to do was be wrapped in Liam's arms.

"Hey Brook." I turned my head seeing Harry, Harry Styles. He was the strangest person anyone had met, and as far as I knew he was some sort of stalker. Liam had practically drilled in my head to stay clear of him, so I did. I saw a tall man walking towards me it wasn't until I saw the red plaid shirt that I knew it was Liam I ran to him prepared to hug him until I saw his clothes ripped, tattered, and practically covered in mud.

"Liam what the hell happened to you?" I was screaming letting my thoughts run wild at all the possibilities of what could have happened.

"Nothing Brooklyn. Just let me go get changed so we can have a grand time, ok babe?" His voice was so calm almost as if he was trying to persuade me to be ok with how he was dodging my questions.

"No dammit. Tell me now Liam." He pushed past me sending me to the ground as he walked away leaving me to wipe away my tears. Harry slowly got up from the stump he was sitting on and he began to approach me.

"Just remember perfection doesn't exist sweetheart. Everyone has secrets.."

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