Pigeon Takeover

Its the year 2044, and there is war. Because The Midnight Beast's album Shtick Heads was released. Giant pigeons, radio-active nuclear pigeons, are taking over the universe!

(yes i was inspired by pointless skit 3, ENJOY!!)


1. The Beginning

I walked to the window and saw a pigeon sitting on top of the bin. Then came another pigeon. It circled around the other and then started the reproduction process. I also noticed that there was many more pigeons doing this same task upon other bins, and they were all in synchronisation.

My initial reactions were "aww thats cute" and just stand there. But then i noticed that the pigeons were laying eggs instantly, and within minutes they were hatching and growing, then the reproduction cycle started again.

And thats when i realised we had somehow became at war with giant pigeons. Giant, radioactive, nuclear Pigeons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!











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