You and I


2. Chapter 2.

Harry's Point of view.

Carly was beautiful. Her long brown hair, her blue eyes, her tan skin. She was amazing. "So do you guys want to go to bed or watch a movie?" She asked. "We can watch a movie." Lou told her. Everyone went into the living room. El and Carly sat on the couch and restarted Lion king. Lou sat next to El, Liam and Dani were on the love seat, and Zayn and Niall passed out on the floor. I took the seat next to Carly. The opening song was starting and Carly and Eleanor starting singing. It was the funniest thing. Me and louis were laughing are asses off. We watched the movie for a little while in silence. Then when scar came into the movie, " I'm getting a drink." Carly said walking to the kitchen. "I'm actually kinda thirsty too." I told everyone, "Don't go flirt with my sister." Louis said with a smirk.

I walked into the kitchen to see Carly sitting on the kitchen counter, playing on her phone.

"Carly?" I could tell I frighten her by the way she jumped. "Why are you in here?" I asked her.

"I was getting a drink..." She trailed off. "You were in here on your phone for ten minutes. Was something bothering you?" I said getting closer to her. "If I tell you, you'll laugh." She said looking down. "I wont laugh. Come on, tell me." I said arm distance away from her. " I'm scared of scar." She said. I smiled, "Aww little Carly is scared of Scar." "You said you wouldn't laugh." She said starting to blush. "Your cute when you blush." I told her inching closer her. "Well thank you." She said blushing more and looking down. I moved her head up "Dont look down when you blush." I said looking at her lips. She was looking at mine. We both started to lean in. We heard someone cough behind us. We saw it was just Eleanor. We jumped apart. "Whats going on?" She asked us. " i was just getting us some water." Carly answered. " Uh huh." El said walking away. I grabbed a glass and went back to the living room. Wow... I almost kissed Carly.

Carly's Point of view

Wow i almost kissed Harry styles.

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