Liam payne and me

His story is about a outsider and a bad boy Liam Payne is this bad boy and he has never had a girlfriend but he does has his eyes on this one girl and than there is Kay Ann she is a outsider she likes Liam but only her friend know what will happen when Liam makes his move on his girl he has his eyes on?


9. chapter 9

I was sleeping having the worlds most wonderful dream


"Kay" Liam mound in my ear soft so only I could here we where at his new flat only him and I

"Liam that feels so good don't stop" I breathed out will he rocked are hips together I felt his bogle it felt huge but I did not care

"I'm going to make you feel wonderful just let me take care of you?" He asked in my ear I stuttered to respond I knew he would but is Liam the right guy

"Yes!" I breathed out with that he took me up stairs to his room and laid me down on the bed

"Mine going to make you feel so good" he said kissing my neck bitting me a little

"Go ahead" I whispered in his ear I felt and Hired him grown agents my neck trying to take it slow it was my first time

He kissed up my neck and up my jawline and stared to kiss my lips it was the perfect kiss

Liam took his hands and brought my shirt up and over my head not braking the kiss i did the same with him

Now only I was in my purple lace bra Liam stopped kissing and looked at me

"You are ready you ware that for me you must really want me" he ground I felt my cheeks heating up

"I had nothing else" I said telling only the truth I did not plan like tonight to be the night

"Bullshit" he said coming down and kissing me again but there was a sound other than me moaning and Liam and I kissing

I did not stop kissing Liam but I got confused than it was there again someone knocking at the bed room door

"Liam" I said braking the kiss "don't worry I locked the door" he said and came down to kiss me again than some one was yelling


Than I woke up

~*⚡️dream over⚡️*~

I looked around my room

Did I just have a dream...of...Liam? I asked my self

I turned on my side and closed my eyes and hired a tapping noise than

"Kaylee?" Someone whispered I opened my eyes I was on full alert now I got up and the tapping stared again

I looked out my window to see Liam hanging on by only a branch I walked over to my window and unlocked it and opened it up

"what are you doing here?" I asked him sleepy/angry he woke me up

"I wanted to see you" he said I moved out of the way so he would come I bit my lip ring

"Your here what do you want" I asked him after having that dream I feel wired around him now

"Come here" he said and hugged me I was shocked but than hugged him back he stared to move my hair away from my neck and pressed his cold lips on my shoulder

"I see that Ashton guy likes you" he said and stared to walk witch made me walk back words

"No we are just really good friends" I said and he laid me down and he stud over me and than pulled me up and brought me to my pillows and he cuddled up next to me living no space between us

"That's not what I see" he said and put a hand on my hip and pulled me so I was on my side I put my head on his chest and I could here his breathing and his hart bearing

"We'll it's not I only have my eyes one guy" I said I felt Liam tense up by my words of only he knew

"Who is it?" He asked Through clenched teeth

"Someone you know very well" I tested him

"Louis?,Zayn,Harry,Niall" than he stopped and gasped

"You like Niall Shit is it his blond hair you know he bleaches it is it his blue eyes?" He asked me I just chuckled

"No not Niall but he is good looking" I said and played with my lip ring

"Go to sleep Liam" I said getting all cuddly up by him

"Fine" he said and 15 minutes passed I was almost asleep when I hired Liam say

"If only you knew kay if only" he said than I was out.

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