Liam payne and me

His story is about a outsider and a bad boy Liam Payne is this bad boy and he has never had a girlfriend but he does has his eyes on this one girl and than there is Kay Ann she is a outsider she likes Liam but only her friend know what will happen when Liam makes his move on his girl he has his eyes on?


7. chapter 7

I just tolled Liam my story it was not easy, but I tolled him not we are down stairs eating m&m pancakes with Liam's friends.

"So what are you guys doing to day?" Louis asked.

I smirked and looked at Liam and he smirked at me.

"What?" Harry asked me and Liam.

"O nothing Kay is just going to go get a lip ring put in" Liam said and took another bit out if his pancake I make good pancakes

"WHAT" they all said and than there jaws dropped it was so funny I did not hold back the laughs Liam laugh to

"don't worry guys I did the same thing" Liam said chuckling

" but Kay you don't seem like the kind of girl to get a lip ring"zayn tolled me I just rolled my eyes

"There's more things you guys don't know about me" I said with a smirk

"Well I think you would look nice with a lip ring" Niall said all sweet I for know why he hangs out with these like of guys

"Thank you Niall" I said and art some more of my food

"Suck up" zayn said under his breath hoping no one would here it but I did I just rolled my eyes an blow it off there not my friends to judge

"well I think I better walk home" I said and stared to get up

"Let me walk you home" Liam said I nodded my head and put my play away and went upstairs I changed my pants and got my phone and walked down stairs again

"Bye guys" I said and waved to them

"Bye" they said and than Liam same up to me and smiled at me and we walked out the door

"So did you have fun" he asked me

"Ya I did but why was that zayn guy so rude?" I asked him he took and deep breath than looked at me

"His girl friend moved and there tryin to make it work" he tolled me than we where at my house we don't live that far away from each other

"Well thank you Liam" I said turning to him I smiled at him and he smiled at me than put his hands around my waist

"Did you have fun?" He asked me with a smirk I put my arms around his waist

"Ya I did well until he came but other than that ya I did" I said than I was caught off guard and he hugged me I hugged back and I felt like it was the right thing to do we pulled back but we both still had are arms and hands around are waist

Next thing I know he was leaning in on me and closed his eyes I did the same thing than a hard thing hit me on my back before I could scream out a OW! Liam kissed me I did not kiss back as much as I wanted to I said a ow in the kiss I kissed back but only for a few seconds to be pulled back and into a hard cheats

The first thing that came to mind that it was my dad put this person had strong arms and a board cheats

"Leave"said a deep voice angry and all than I knew it was my best guy friend ashton

"Why we wouldn't doing anything you haven't seen" this made ashton mad he pulled me away from Liam put Liam tried to grab me but Michael and Calum came In front of me o great all we need is Luke and the 4 boys would be here protecting me

"Leave her alone" I voice said behind me it was my friend Abby and Emily but Abby said leave

Liam looked at me giving me the 'tell them to back off' glair I got out of Ashton's strong grip and got in front of Michael and Calum

"Guys it's ok he helped me" I said this made the boys more angry only they wanted to protect us three girls

"How" Luke said angry I got in front of him but Emily being his girlfriend took mine place

"Tell us now"Ashton said anger within his face

"Chad came over to my party and tried to take Kay but me and my friends stopped him from doing so"Liam said the boys faces softened bit than got angry again

"Thank you but we got her from here" Ashton said putting his hand on the small of my back than stared to walk to the house Michael took Abby and Luke took Emily in the house I turned to see Calum was saying something to Liam than walked over to us Liam hade a look on his face more anger than anything

He looked to me and have me the call me sing I chuckled than we pulled in the house the front door was slammed and I was pulled upstairs in my room ashton locked the door and put his lips on mine I did not kiss back I did not want to souls like a slut or nothing it was just not me

He put his hands on my hips and his huge hand on my butt and squeezed it that made me gasp and he put his tough in my mouth that made me kiss back and than we stopped and pulled back and put his for head on mine

"There not you don't smell like him you smell like me" he said I chuckled and just said

"Well it was fun when it lasted" he chuckled than there was a knock on the door ashton billets to the bathroom and I opened the door just to see my strong hared working dad

"Are you guys ready" he asked me I nodded my head yes

"Ya just let me Change than we can go" he nodded and walked away ashton walked out of the bathroom and kissed my lips I smirked at him as he walked out

I changed into jean shorts and a rolling stone t-shirt to show people how bad ass I am 'not really' I walked down to see everyone was at the island we walked to the van and got and and than we where on are way to the mall


Liam's p.o.v

After that all happened I stared to walk back home when I got there I walked in to see jenny the schools slut

"What do you want?" I asked her annoyed as fuck

"You" she trued to say sexy but failed she went to put her hand there put I stopped her

"No!" I said real angry I was not up for sex right now not this early and not with her we only did it once we where both drunk so it was a mistake

"I saw you last night with that slut"she said the guys where in the livening room right next to where we were they got up and walked over to jenny and me

"What did you call her" we all asked her at the same time she looked scared but than looked at Harry

"You don't care about her" I know that for a fact" she said and tried to play with his jaw he took her hand and moved it away

"You need to go NOW!"Louis said he was still not happy she called Kay a slut I was more mad than he was for a fact I know she is not one she's not like that

"What ever bye Liam see ya around" she said and was out the front door I looked at the guys and just shook my head

"Where going to the mall" I said am smiled trying to forget what just happen 20 minutes ago

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