Liam payne and me

His story is about a outsider and a bad boy Liam Payne is this bad boy and he has never had a girlfriend but he does has his eyes on this one girl and than there is Kay Ann she is a outsider she likes Liam but only her friend know what will happen when Liam makes his move on his girl he has his eyes on?


3. chapter 3

"You know what your cooler than I thought you where." Liam said.

"Well I don't know how to take that." I said and looked at him than he looked up and I could feel someone looking at my back.

"Well is that you?" Asked a voice I never wanted to here in a million years it was my ex-boyfriend Chad.

I turned saw and him it was him. I was hopping it wasn't him, I was nerves I just waned the bad man go away.

"What do you want?" I asked he sat next to me, I could feel Liam mussels tense up so I put my hand on the side of his leg to say it's okay.

"You know what it is." Chad said I tired my head at the memory and I just shout my eyes.

"No I can't pleas go." I said trying to for get what he did to me.

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