Liam payne and me

His story is about a outsider and a bad boy Liam Payne is this bad boy and he has never had a girlfriend but he does has his eyes on this one girl and than there is Kay Ann she is a outsider she likes Liam but only her friend know what will happen when Liam makes his move on his girl he has his eyes on?


18. chapter 18

Liam's p.o.v

When chad took Kay like that I lost my shit I was had my fist by my sides and was walking no jogging up to them I saw Luke

"Get Kay" I mouthed he understood and grabbed her when I knew she was safe I took chad and beat the crap out of him how could you to that to a girl yet a fragile one at that Kay is not the strongest but she has soft feelings

This made me more angry I bunched him harder faster her had to time to fight back than I let him drop I didn't want Kay scared of me it else I would kill the baster

"STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRL!" I yelled in his face he got up and walked away then stop and turned

"She will leave you for Ashton Liam she did it to me I'm just telling you this because it's true it's better if she is with me and not a softy like you" he said than walked away

I shrugged my shoulders at him that's the past Kay could not do that to me I turned to see Luke and Kay hugged Kay was sipping her tears away I walked over to them and Luke looked up at me

"I was going to Michael's house I have to talk to him about something do you got her from here?" He asked me I nodded my head

"Why do you trust me to be with her Ashton would kill me if I touched her let alone be alone with her?" I asked him

"Ashton and Kay have a thing no one will understand just leaver it there" he snapped at me and pulled Kay away from him he looked at her and nodded his head she nodded hers and turned to me the head nod thing must be a code for them

Kay came to my arms and hugged me not letting go Luke looked at me up and down than ran off to where ever he was going

"Come on" I said and let Kay go and turned around she jumped in my back and I have her a piggy back ride to my house when we where there I looked to see my mom and dad where not home

I open the door and went to my room and laid Kay down on my messy bed and went over on the other side and laid next to her

"What did you want to tell me?" She asked me i looked at her beautiful hazel eyes and kissed her see kisses me back a little her lip ring was cooled agents my warm lip after that I let go and put my forehead on hers and breathed out

"I like you"

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