Liam payne and me

His story is about a outsider and a bad boy Liam Payne is this bad boy and he has never had a girlfriend but he does has his eyes on this one girl and than there is Kay Ann she is a outsider she likes Liam but only her friend know what will happen when Liam makes his move on his girl he has his eyes on?


13. chapter 13 Kay's p.o.v

When first hour was done I went to the next hour than the next one until I got to 7 hour the one with Ashton and Liam this should be good

I walk up there and when I got in both boys sat at a table with one seat in the middle probably for me

"Hey guys!" I said and sat in between them ashton took the end of the seat and scooted it over to his side

"Your in trouble when you get home" he said low and angry at me I looked at Liam and he had a guilty look on his face I scooted my seat in the middle again an got my phone out and put on some music

"What did you say" I texted Liam really quick it looked over to ash and saw he was playing a drum game on his phone

"He got me mad so I tolled him you walked with me this morning" he text back this made me angry how I'm going to tell Ashton I spent the night with Liam and walk to school with him with out getting my head blown off

"Thanx" I send back quickly and looked at the time 1:17 we get out at 2:12

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