Liam payne and me

His story is about a outsider and a bad boy Liam Payne is this bad boy and he has never had a girlfriend but he does has his eyes on this one girl and than there is Kay Ann she is a outsider she likes Liam but only her friend know what will happen when Liam makes his move on his girl he has his eyes on?


11. chapter 11 Kay's p.o.v part 1

When me and Liam walked into the school everyone stopped what they where doing and looked at us I looked at Liam and he looked at me. We both walked down the hall and than everyone went back to there friends only because Liam gave them the death glare

"Well I have to go meet up with my friends I'll talk to you later" i said and he nodded

"Ya I'll call you and if anything happens call me or just come get me" he said

I nodded my head and walked away as I was walking I ran into somebody I was going to fall when two strong arms grabbed me I looked up to be meet with two brown eyes

"What was that all about?" Calum asked me out if no where he let go if me and just looked at me waiting of a answer

"What?" I asked him he had a blink-182 shirt on with dark jeans his hair was to the side with his blond streaks in it his squishy face looked annoyed

"You know what you and Liam walking in when Ashton finds out he is going to kill you" he said bringing his ringing phone out if his pocket

I just tolled my eyes at him and Calum wandered the phone

"Hello?" He asked the person he looked at me and talked to the person I got my phone out and cheated out Instagram

"Yes she is here with me where are you?"Calum asked the person on the phone I was still liking at my phone waiting for him to get off

"Ok see you in 5 seconds" he said and hanged up I looked up but only to have my arm yanked by Calum

"What is your problem?" I asked him he was mad at something

"Nothing what makes you think that?" He snapped at me an stopped walking an looked at me

"Your being really rude today and I don't like it" u tolled him the truth

Anger grow in his eyes than they softened

"I'm sorry I'm just having hard time t home that's all" he said and looked down I felt bad for Calum he DOSENT have the best life at home

I took is chin and brought it up

"Calum f you need I talk to me you can I'm always here for you" I said and he smiled at me

"Thank you" he said I moved my fingers and swished his face

"Remember I call you squishy ad you are mine" I sad swishing his face me moved his face away from my touch and laugh at he

"Come on" he said grabbing my hand and we walked down to the café place in are school I think it stupid but it's the only place me am my friends are welcome with no problems

When me am Calum walk in I was welcomed with a warm felling inside with the smell of pumpkin pie it was awesome we walked in and are friend RJ this was his job and he is Abby's cousin

"Hey guys there in the back waiting for you" he said behind the counter I walked back there with alum right behind me

When I got there Michael and Abby where making out EW! And Luke and Emily where holdin hands looking at each other wile Ashton was on his phone in deep thought I sat down next to him and Calum sat down I front of him

"Hey mate" Calum said happy he only let me know about his stuff at home

Ashton looked up from his phone and smiled at him

"Hey" he said and chuckled an looked at me

"Hi" he said I giggled it his cuteness he has

Abby and Michael stopped kissing and stared to talk to us and so did Emily and Luke

After 30 minutes of talking the bell rang me and the girls went to are first hour we have together and the boys went to there first hour as group

When we walking in to mr.Neal's class we sate at a lab table ad got out are phones and my friend ever since we where born sat with us Jordan

"Hey guys" he said and got out his phone

"Hey Jordan" I said ad out my headphones in than the teacher passed out candy they there just some Carmel Appel suckers but try are really good


Hey guys sorry it's shout to have been really busy with school it's hard being a 8th grader so I may make little chapters but them winter break comes they will be longer Liam's p.o.v will be next love ya -💖

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