Liam payne and me

His story is about a outsider and a bad boy Liam Payne is this bad boy and he has never had a girlfriend but he does has his eyes on this one girl and than there is Kay Ann she is a outsider she likes Liam but only her friend know what will happen when Liam makes his move on his girl he has his eyes on?


10. chapter 10

[ last day if school ]

That morning I wake up by my alarm clock I got up and saw it was going to be a sunny day i got up and stretched and felt something around my waist

I remember it was the last day if school I looked down and saw a arm was wrapped around me I looked over and saw blankets covering a bump

I took the blankets but a hand stopped me from moving them

"That's not a good Idea" said a hot sexy sleepy voice

"I don't care" I said and got under the covers with Liam and cuddled up next to him

"Let's not go to school today" Liam said I laugh in his face

"No it's the last day the only day we can bring are phones out and eat and not learn in class" I said he kissed my cheek I shoved him away

"Don't do that" I said and got out if bed and walked over to my dresser and got skinny jeans out

"But you look cute even with your cute batman underwear" I looked down and I didn't remember taking my pants off

"LIAM" I yelled at him and glared at him he just laughed at me and got up he was in just boxers I truer not to look so I turned back around to look for a shirt

Than I felt arms wrapped around my waist and a chin on my shoulder

"Come in Kay" he said and pulled my back into his chest "you know you want to look"

He said and moved his lower area around my butt

I turned to him and glared at him

"Kay don't tell me that Ashton guy hasn't seen you in your underwear" he said I got out of his grip and walked over to my closet and got a sleeping with sirens shirt

"No your the first boy" I said and walked in to my bathroom and put my jeans on and shirt I walked out ad saw Liam putting on a nirvana shirt and black jeans he looked hot I brushed my long blond hair

I walked over to Liam who was in his phone

"Who you talking to" I asked him he said quietly

"Jenny" one of the schools sluts I felt hurt but than remember he was not mine to clam I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to my dresser

"Your not hurt are you?" He asked he sitting up from my bed

Yes "no your not my boyfriend so I should not be hurt"

I put in so brackets like nirvana green day an bands like that I looked at my lip ring and turned to only run into Liam

"What" I snapped at him

"You are" he teased me so what I thought "no" I said and walked around him only to have my armed pulled back why can't u just walk away ever I asked my self

"Kay u was just telling her I'm done with her" he said and hugged me I just stud there

"Ok" I said still annoyed at fuck

"We'll I'll see you at school" I said looking at the time he looked and than looked at me

"Ya I guess so" he said and kissed me I kissed back than he let go of me I smirked at him as he walked over to my window and jumped down

I walked down stairs with my phone and head phones

I wanted to walk to school for some reason

I turned the corner to only be pulled by the waist by someone I went to punch them in the crock area but was pushed up behind a wall

"It's just me" Liam said in my ear he let go of me and looked at me as I pushed him away

"Don't do that" I said and stared to walk I looked back to see him looking at my butt I rolled my eyes at him he smirked ad walked next to me

We talked all the way there and when we walked in everyone was looking at us

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