"You're perfect to me, babe"
"The only perfect one here is you"


2. Chapter 2

The past week has been amazing; talking, and meeting up with Jade basically the whole time. That's what made it amazing. I don't think I've ever liked someone this much. She's different; not like most girls. She's not afraid to break a nail, and doesn't obsess over designer clothes and shit. I guess she's more like me, a bit wild, Maybe that's why I like her; but too bad I don't date. If I did, I would've asked her out from day 1. Although, I do want to hook up with her. She's so... so... damn I don't even know how to describe her. Just damn.

Tomorrow was the first day of school, not as if I cared anyways. I flunked all my classes, guess i'm gonna be working at McDonald's after all. I promised Jade that i'd drive her to school, since she doesn't have a car yet. 

We made plans today though. She wanted to go get school things. I guess underneath her look, she really is a nerd. I didn't really care to going, but I only agreed because she had no transportation. Her parents were running errands and like a mentioned earlier, she doesn't have a car yet. 

I told her i'd be at her place at 2 sharp, and its already 1:57. I better be going. Just like as I had planned, I was honking the car horn as a sign that I'm outside; at exactly 2:00pm. Jade came out from the inside of her home, finally. 

"I like your boots" I say when she steps inside the vehicle; pointing to her black combat boots. 

"Thanks, dude. I like your beanie. You look hot in beanies" She points out; soon widening her eyes when she realizes what she had just said.

"So you think I'm hot?" I say, using her "slip" against her. 

"Umm... No." I raise an eyebrow "Maybe?" I look at her again. "Yea? I don't know you just look good in beanies. Nothing more." She looks at her knees and plays with her fingernails. An act of nervousness.

"You're lying. I can tell." I speak up.

"What? Pfft no I'm not. How would you know?" She asks, once again nervous. I decide to let it go and drive off. 

Once we arrive to the local bookstore, she asks "What are we doing at a bookstore? I need school stuff"

"Well, little ms. grumpy pants" I say, while she rolls her eyes. "this place has 'school stuff'"

"Oh, okay then. Sorry" Jade apologizes, even though I don't even know why.

"Why are you apologizing? You didn't do anything wrong" 

"I was a bit mean to you" She looks down. She may give you the impression that she doesn't care what anyone thinks, but once you get to know her; she's the sweetest person ever. 

Once we get inside, Jade reaches for her back pocket of her shorts, and gets out a piece of paper. Inside it is all the things she needs to get.

"Well, you're very organized."

"No, but what I am is forgetful." She says and waves the piece of paper in the air. "So, I need notebooks, pens, markers, and post-it cards" 

While I'm looking around the place, I notice that she's gone. Oh, wow. Thanks Jade. I start to look for all over the place. I find her in the pen section. "Gotcha" I scream and she jumps. Suddenly, she decides to do something very childish. Run away. In the middle of a bookstore. I run after her of course; but I got tired very quickly. I really need to get fitter. I catch a glimpse of blonde hair running in the direction of the actual books, so I run after. Again.

Finally catching up to her, I get ahold of her hand, and spin her around. Panting, she looks at me in the eye. Getting closer and closer. I look at her lips and then back at her. She steps up on her toes, and leans more, until our lips meet. 



I'm soooo sorry I went on vacation and I just got back yesterday I'm so sorry omg. i feel so bad for breaking my promise of updating everyday. Its not my fault i didn't have wifi for a month bc i was stuck in the middle of nowhere I'm sorry. ok bye 

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