"You're perfect to me, babe"
"The only perfect one here is you"


1. Chapter 1

People think i'm crazy, but I just like to have fun. I never listen to anyone other than myself, which is very... whats the word... me. I like to think i'm too punk for everyone; so then I don't really care what anyone else thinks. I like to feel free basically. I am Michael Clifford, and I am wild.


I walk into the house full of the scent of cigarettes, alcohol, and sex. This stentch got so familiar this stench, it almost feels like home. As I push myself through dancing teens, I finally arrive to the kitchen, and grab myself a red cup; full of beer of course, and make my way back to the main room. The host of the party this week was Jake, another rich kid with nothing but fake friends. Gladly, i'm not one of them. He's a douche. I'm just here for the fun.

Anyways, this party was to celebrate the new school year. It's not really a celebration, just another reason for a random kid to let his parents allow him to have a party. Everyone that was in year level was invited, even the new kids. Jake's parents practically owed the school, so he knew how to access all their contact numbers. That's how to get in touch with everyone. 

I was pressed against the wall, slowly sipping my drink; as I noticed a girl walk into the room. I've never seen her before, so she must be new. She smirked as she heard a guy whistle at her; winking back at him. Confident, unlike me. I kept my eyes on her as she sat on a couch. Sipping my drink once again, one of the guys on the soccer team approached her. Obviously, his pick up line wasn't good enough, because he left with a sort of sad and defeated look on his face. I finished my drink, so I went to get another. When I came back, another lad was asking for her name, and yet again, he left without scoring.

It was my turn to go up to her. I wanted to speak to her. I was never the guy to actually talk to girls, I just usually drank, hooked up and thats it, but I really wanted to get to know her. She looked so interesting with her bad-girl look. Piercings, black clothes and blonde hair. Yet she still looked hot, and everyone knew it. "Let me guess" the nameless girl said to me before I could even talk. "Hey girl, wanna get out of here?" She continued imitating a guys deep voice. I wanted to laugh so hard so bad, but I didn't want her to freak out, so I just let out a small chuckle.

"No, I was actually gonna get to know you first, but if you want to we could...." I trailed off.

"No. No. No. I'm not gonna hook up with a random guy, forget to use protection, get pregnant, become a 17 year old mom and die. I may look like a teenage mess-up but I am not going to die." She replied with a straight face. This time I didn't hesitate to laugh as hard as I coulds, because what she just said was freaking hilarious. 

"Who said anything about getting pregnant and dying?" I asked and her head looked down "and you do not look like a teenage mess-up. I think you look hella rad." Her face looked back up at me when those words fell out of my mouth, she smirked a bit and bit her lip ring. "Lets start over." I continued. " I'm Michael, and you are?"

"Trouble." she said once again looking confident and left the couch to the kitchen leaving me dumbfounded. Once I realized what just happened, I went into the kitchen. Mainly because I was following her, but also because I wanted another drink. Again. I told you I loved it. She turned around and she was extremely close to my body. She was short compared to me. I was quite tall, so she only went up to my chin. " do you really want to know?" she asked, and I nodded. "Guess"

"How can I possibly guess your name? There are like a gazzilion names in the world" I noted

"Okay so first off, a gazzilion isn't even a thing" the yet still nameless girl stated "and second off, guess"

"Give me the first 2 letters of your name then" I replied

"J and A"

"Jane?" she shook her head a no "Jackie?" another no "Janete?" nope "Ja- I give up tell me?" I sighed in defeat.

"ugh fine. It's Jade." now I know, Jade announced.

"Cute name. I like it." I said "Jade" I muttered under my breath. "So, Jade, you new here?"

"Umm yeah, I just moved here from France. I used to live there before here" She nodded slightly while she spoke, I found it very cute.

"Did you live in the city or like the farm land?" I asked, suddenly very curious about her.

"The city." She stated

"Oooh, big city girl" I joked as she hit my arm playfully. The rest of the night was not like the rest. I wasn't getting drunk and dancing like always. This time, I spent the evening chatting with Jade.

When it was about midnight, Jade wanted to leave, so I offered to take her home. The both of us were walking in silence. "I like your shirt" she finally spoke. Jade was pointing at my Nirvana, Cobian shirt. 

"Really? You like nirvana?" I asked

"Yeah. They're really cool" once again she nodded slightly while speaking. I noticed she only did that when she was confirming something.

She honestly was too perfect. No one was that perfect. Jade was beautiful, and her style in clothes wasn't everyone's favorite but I liked them. I now learned that she had a very good taste of music, which is a bonus. We began to make small talk again and somehow ended up talking about why giraffes have long necks. "I think it's because then need like, all the tall-ness? if thats even a word, anyways, all the tall-ness they can get to, like, get the leaves from the trees? I don't know" I kinda laughed at that, not meaning to.

Before I knew it, we were at her front porch, and it was time to say good-bye. "Oh hey, wow I just noticed we live very close to each other." I spoke.

"Really? Where do you live?" She asked.

"Just like a block away" I continued "Small world. Um hey can I have your number?" I asked awkwardly. I don't know what got into me. I don't "date". She laughed but nodded and took my phone from my hand as I took hers. When we were both done we handed them back, and stood there looking at each other. I didn't know wether to just wave at her, shake her hand, hug her, or kiss? So I waited for her to make the first move. Turns out we were hugging. She pulled away and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. She then rapidly got into her home and slammed the door shut. Once again she left me dumbfounded and surprised. 

I walked the rest of the block home and went up to my room. My parents were sleeping, not as if they cared about me anyways, but they still my parents, but I look nothing like them. I don't even know why. I took a quick, hot shower, and changed into my pyjamas. I got into bed and texted Jade.

It was now 2:17am and Jade stopped texting me. I guess she fell asleep, so I did so myself.


Heyyyaaaaaa!!! This is probably my first ever fan fiction, so I hope you like it! I'm also probably gonna be updating mostly everyday because of the summer. Tell me what you think so you can motivate me to update more! Sorry for poorly written work its 4am.

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