Why me?

Mabel lives with her sister Ellie in a small apartment. Her parents left them from birth and they left their foster parents. What happens when Mabel comes home to find her sister dead? She decides to go to her boyfriends house and wait for the police to finish investigating. Then something happens something horrible. She finds 'him'. Everything goes downhill from there.


1. Chapter 1: What Happened

Mabel's POV.

I heard the sound of thick dripping water as I walked into my apartment that I share with my sister Ellie. I dropped my bag and walked across the smooth, silky wood floor. The house smelled like dead fish, ugh it reacted. The vibration of my phone woke me up from my trance, it was Liam, I totally forgot he was coming over. I walk too Ellie's room to find out what the smell was, because it recked and I wanted to clean up before Liam got here. The door to Ellie's room slowly creaked open as I turn the door knob.

"Ellie are you awake?"

I whisper as I approached the bed she was laying in. The smell got stronger with every step I took, I recognized the smell, I haven't smelt it in a long time it was. Blood. My body felt the need to rush and with that I quietly ran to her bedside.

"This can't be happening",

the whole other half of the bed was stained with a dull red colour. Tears fell from my eyes and down to my chin as I tried to wake Ellie up by shaking her, there was so much blood I don't think she will ever wake, but I had to try.

"May? Mabel!".

I heard Liam's voice but I was to weak to talk or move, I barley saw Liam as he ran to me, my vision went black as I closed my eyes so I could let the tears run down my face. Liam was on the floor next to me Because, I could feel the deep, smooth circles he drew on my back with his rough fingers, you could tell he was shacking.

"What happened"

He crooked out. By the cracking of his voice It sounded like he had been crying. With one swift body movement I turned around to hug him, not caring to lift my eye lids. I sat there in his lap, with my head on his chest and with my arms rapped around him.

"I don't know"

I spit out in the warmth of him chest, because I didn't know what happened honestly. Did she kill herself? Did someone kill her? These questions ran threw my mind over and over again. I felt Liam clench onto me. Liam stood up and carried me out of the blood smelling room, the room that happened to be where my sister was. Dead. Liam placed me on my bed and walked out while taking his phone out of his pocket. I knew who he was going to call, after all it kinda is an emergency, a big one. I wiped the last of my running tears off my face and slowly stood up. I walked over to Liam, in the family room. Liam gave me a hug and as he rapped his strong, muscular arms around me I felt safe. I felt like nothing could hurt me. My mind ran wild, then everything piled in my mind, my memory's of Ellie. Then I blacked out.

*black out*

(Mabel) "Ellie come play!"

(Ellie) "Ok!"

(Ellie) "Barbie will marry Ken and live forever after"

(Mabel) "until the scary dinosaur attacks gurr"

(Ellie) *laughs*

I woke up in a dark room, I was in bed and Liam was beside me sleeping peacefully. It was so peaceful, it didn't seem real. I walked out of the room and at that point I realized I wasn't in my house, I was in Liam's! I really like Liam's house because it is so beautiful, it was big and the dull, creepy sound of silence was music to my ears. I felt Liam's hands trace down my arms as he attempted to intertwine our hands, but I moved away. With one swift movement I turned around to hug him, with my head on him chest I let one small tear slip from eye as I closed it tightly shut. Liam lifted me up and I swiftly rapped my legs around his waist digging my head into his chest even more then it already is, if that's possible. Liam carried me to the counter, I felt the cold, smooth patter of the counter top as I sat up strait on top of it. He pealed me off him as if we were like glue on paper, together, inseparable. I closed my eyes and looked down, even though my eyes were closed I could tell Liam was looking at me, so I opened my eyes and slowly brought my head up and looked him in the eye.

"Are you okay?".

The sound of his voice was music to my ears I mean it's beautiful, he is beautiful and he's mine. Tears were falling from my eyes so i decided to close my eyes and and bow my head as I did earlier, but instead Liam lifted my chin and placed his soft lips on mine. My tears stopped as the kiss got deeper.

"I'm fine now"

I told Liam as I jumped off the counter and walked to the couch. There was nothing on TV right now because it was only seven in the morning. Liam walked into the room after he put a pot of coffee on. Liam huffed as he sat beside me, obviously he was really tired, I could tell by the sound of his voice and the way he rubbed his eyes. It was adorable.

"We could go back to bed if you'd like?"

I said as I looked at him.


He replied with the sliest sigh of relief in his face and he grabbed my hand as we head to his bedroom. Liam laid down and I laid down beside him, but as soon as I laid down he grabbed me and rapped his strong arms around me. My face was pressed against him chest I felt comfortable, safe and then Liam rested his chin on my head. I wish we could stay like this forever. I started to feel my eyes getting heavy and soon before I knew it I was in a deep sleep.

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