The Love Bite

Niall Horan , a typical guy who lives with his family, gets bitten by a strange wolf at a camping trip and a few days after, realises that he has been a werewolf . He meets Jade, a girl that works at a supermarket but is mermaid ! Jade makes a music group and meets again Niall a competition where their bands must be compete each other ...who's gonna win ? This story is a fanfiction and only names are real.The characters have no links with reality.


14. Truth is worth

Jade's POV

Oh, God that was hiss secret ..I thought we were so different..but actually we're so similar!I have gotten out of the sea and in my tail's place there are my legs.Niall has been normal right now.Thanks God that he didn't hurt me but...I still love him!I know he's dangerous, but I love him so much!

"Well, it's strange to learn that you're a .. mermaid!" Niall says. We have been sitting on the rocks about some minutes to..think about what each other saw before.

"Look, Niall...I know that is strange but I ....You um..." I can't find the words.I want to tell him that I love him very much from the first seconds I saw him. He's my everything.

"Jade I know that you are scared of me and you want to leave away, but ..I ..

"I LOVE YOU" we both say.

"Really?I thought that.." He starts.

"Me too, Niall.I fell in love with you from the first time that I saw you fainting at the market!" I interrupt him.  "I want to date with you,I want you!"

"So we can try know, be together?" he says.

"Yes!I'd love to!" I say and hug him.He's my destiny.


We have spent a lot of time to hugging and kissing.His kiss is so hot.

"May I ask you a question Jade?"


"When did you find out that you are a mermaid ?"

"Well,when I was child,I wanted to go to the beach but my parents didn't left me,because the knew it.Then my grandma told me that I was a mermaid and I had to be careful...Then we moved to a remote house,which had a massive pool!Well, I swam there...Then , I grew up and moved here....The only who know is my parents,my grandma and Perrie.", I answer.

"Oh...Perrie knows about it?"

"Yes...She's my best friend you know.Well, when did YOU find out that you're a werewolf?"

"3 days ago.I was visiting a doctor because I had bitten by a wolf at a camping trip.I asked him and he told me that I am a werewolf.That was it.Now you're lucky because I have learned some 'spells' to fight it back."

"May I ask a final question?" he says.

"I'm hearing."

"Have you any aunt mackerel because I think that I ate it yesterday!" he laughs.

"Laugh because you are going to cry right now!" I say and start tickling him.He laughs to tears.His wonderful smile is my mini world !The sun raises. A beautiful day is coming and finds me with Niall together.I can't believe that I'm so lucky!



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