The Love Bite

Niall Horan , a typical guy who lives with his family, gets bitten by a strange wolf at a camping trip and a few days after, realises that he has been a werewolf . He meets Jade, a girl that works at a supermarket but is mermaid ! Jade makes a music group and meets again Niall a competition where their bands must be compete each other ...who's gonna win ? This story is a fanfiction and only names are real.The characters have no links with reality.


2. The start of all

Finally I got to the supermarket. Well first I must look for cereals.With chocolate and strawberries . My mum's favorite ! Well well well.. With apple , with bananas , with chocolate only....Oh I found them.While I raise my hand and catch the packet, I feel a weakness . Everything gets dark. What is happening ?! I think I lose control of my body and I  fall in the ground. I try to catch the shelf ,but I can't . I feel exhausted, I just can't figure it out ! I... think that I hear  woman  shout : " Are you OK ?! ''. No...I can't.  handle that .. tiredness....I...

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