The Love Bite

Niall Horan , a typical guy who lives with his family, gets bitten by a strange wolf at a camping trip and a few days after, realises that he has been a werewolf . He meets Jade, a girl that works at a supermarket but is mermaid ! Jade makes a music group and meets again Niall a competition where their bands must be compete each other ...who's gonna win ? This story is a fanfiction and only names are real.The characters have no links with reality.


12. The nigh is lone

"Hey, just in time Jade", Niall smiles.

"Yes" I smile head to the chair.

"No,no , no let's be gentleman" he says and pulls my chair to sit.

"Oh, how polite!Thank you!" I say

He sits again and starts:

"Well, what's your news?"

"Oh,the band has updated a lot , and now we write or own songs."

"Really?Wow I think you are going to be real stars...Well I called you because..."

"Please take a look at the catalogs and tell my your orders" the waiter interrupts me.

"Oh, ok let's see....Um, I will take a crispy fillet..What about you Jade" Niall says.

"Um, a caesar salad please!" I say and give back my catalog.

"And please a red wine!" Niall says.

"Thank you." the waiter says and leaves.

"Well,Niall tell me some information for you" I say before he starts.I want to know more about him.

"Oh...Well, I'm Irish, I have a dog named Rocky, my hobby is music and I like you"he  says.

Oh,my God!Tell me that I heard clearly the phrase: I like you" !Yes, he has the same feelings with me!I feel like my heart had a thousand explosions at the same time.Tonight I will tell him that I am a mermaid!

"What?" I say full of happiness.

"Yes, Jade I like you very much and I..."

"Niall,I  want to talk about this after our dinner.What about going at the beach to talk because I want to tell you about my secret."

"Well, Ok .I have a secret that I want to share with you too"

There's little time to reveal our secrets.....Let's see...

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