The Love Bite

Niall Horan , a typical guy who lives with his family, gets bitten by a strange wolf at a camping trip and a few days after, realises that he has been a werewolf . He meets Jade, a girl that works at a supermarket but is mermaid ! Jade makes a music group and meets again Niall a competition where their bands must be compete each other ...who's gonna win ? This story is a fanfiction and only names are real.The characters have no links with reality.


4. Her strange life

Jade's POV

I am thinking about Niall .... He was so cute and gorgeous ! I wanna meet him better but I am afraid because secret. If he knows it,I will lose the chance to see him again..But I think he liked me because the way he was watching me.I know that is stupid , because we talked 5 minutes sofar.That's nothing but....

"Earth Calls Jade , sos ! " , Perrie interrupts my thoughts.

Perrie is my best friend and we live together until she finds her own house.She's very funny some times but always you can rely on her. I look at her. She has made her blonde hair into a ponytail . She eats her popcorn as she watches her favorite movie.I think the movie is very boring but I don't want to tell her because it's her favorite .

"Sorry I was just thinking about...''I start.

"Niall?Jade you are so upset with this boy but I can't understand why!You even don't know him !''  , she interrupts me.

"That's because I... Oh forget it!  I will go to the bathroom to take a shower ok?  '' , I change the theme of the discussion.

''OK Pinkie Pie!  '' Perrie laughs ..She knows that I don't like this 'pony-name ' !

Well I wear my slippers and I head for the bathroom. I get undressed and I get into the bath.The water is so nice as it runs all over my....tail. That is my secret , I am a mermaid. From my grandmother to me . I am the only one who knows it . I don't want to tell my secret to Perrie , I don't want to scare her.As I am thinking all that my mind goes to Niall . I want to see him again but....I think I want to date with him.But I'm afraid of Niall's reaction.I  close my eyes as I am thinking how to meet him  again.  I  lean my head and sleep inside the water .
What time is it? I wake up and look at my scales.They are still here sticked at my wet body.I hear something at the door .I turn and find Perrie.Oh, God she's so scared!

''What the hell is that Jade ?! '' she asks and her skin goes white , like a ghost's.
" I will  explain , just listen ! Please !"

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