Breaking Laws

Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.

That's the motto Robyn lives by, but what happens when she gets caught with no other than Ashton Irwin, the drummer from 5sos.


9. Ocho.


Chapter Eight:

Change of Plans



Groaning I turned around to shut the alarm clock that was ruining my gorgeous sleep. Sitting up, I rubbed my face and my made my way to the bathroom. It was Monday, meaning that I had two weeks before Killan left, and two weeks to find out a way to stay over at Ashton’s and get rid of the babysitter. 




Deciding that I was decent enough to face the day at school, I made my way towards the kitchen, only to find a meeting that I wasn’t aware of. Ashton, Mr. Emerald and Killan were having a conversation, as if they were the best of friends. I raised an eyebrow and walked over to get my coffee. I needed it for whatever was going to happen. 




            I took a sip of my coffee. “Morning?” I questioned. 


            “Good morning Robyn.” Mr. Emerald smiled and I rolled my eyes annoyed.


            “Robyn.” Killan nodded. 


            “Morning love.” Ashton smiled and I rolled my eyes with a small smile.


            “OK,” I sighed. “So, what is this meeting about, and why on earth wasn’t I invited to it?” 


            “Maybe,” My brother replied. “There have been some changes, and we were discussing the best way to resolve it.”


            “Regarding?” I questioned taking a sit.


            “I have to leave tomorrow,” Killan replied and I rolled my eyes annoyed. “Mr. Emerald can’t stay with you the first month though,” I raised an eyebrow. “So, you’ll be staying over with Ashton and the others;” I smirked. “I also pulled you out of school, you only have to do a test next week in order to get your diploma for high school graduation. Just make sure to pass okay.” 


            “Don’t worry about it mate,” I rolled my eyes. “So, that basically means that I need to go and pack my bags, right?” 


            “Basically,” Ashton winked. “Do you need any help?” 


            “Sure,” I smiled and got up from the table. “Killan, I am assuming that you will be here for dinner tonight? To say goodbye?”


            “Yes,” He sighed. “Just you and me, I’ll see you then.” 


            “Deal!” I waved and made my way to my room with Ashton following close behind.




I made sure to not speak a word as we made our way towards the room. I must admit that I was more than eager to figure out how on earth Ashton had managed to convince my brother to let me stay with them, it wasn’t like he trusted to fully, let alone trust them to take care of me for a whole month where he was going to be God knows where. 



            Pointed at my trunk I smirked. “How did you do it?" I questioned as Ashton as he pulled down the trunk.


            He frowned. “I just grabbed and-”


            “No!” I laughed. “How did you manage to convince my brother?” 


            “Oh!” He chuckled. “That,” I nodded. “I didn’t do anything.”


            “Come again?” I frowned. 


            “I didn’t do a thing.” Ashton shrugged. “Your bother knocked at our door and asked me to come over.” 


            I raised an eyebrow. “That ain’t normal.” 


            “I don’t complain.” Ashton winked and I rolled my eyes. 




*Ashton's P.O.V.*




Robyn got up from her bed after questioning me and started to take out enough cloth so that she could stay with us and not be coming back to her place to get extra. I was as surprised as she was when Killan showed up in our house demanding for the meeting. It was a whole month living with the girl that I am falling in love. 



            "Are we going to go anywhere fancy?" Robyn questioned.


            “I don’t think so,” I chuckled. “But then again, if we do, we can go out and buy the outfits.” I shrugged. “I believe that we are going to be stuck on the studio most of our days.” 


            “Okay,” Robyn sighed. “Any other request?” 


            “A swimsuit!” I laughed. “I’m more than sure that we will hit the beach more than once, and even the pool that we own.” 


            “A bikini will do right?” She questioned with a smirk. 


            “Oh please,” I winked, and she blushed before running away towards the bathroom.






I was laughing at how frustrated Michael was, because Robyn was beating him on a game. He was so mad, that even before the was over, he threw the controller on the floor and walked out of the room.



            “He’s so pissed!” Luke laughed. “How come that you are so good at video games Robyn?”


            Robyn shrugged. “I’ve spent half my life playing video games,” She let out a sigh. “I am hungry guys.” She whined. 


            “Do you want pizza?” I questioned and she shook her head. “What do you want then?” 


            “Can we cook something?” She smiled.


            “Cook?” I chuckled. “You know how to cook?” 


            “There are a lot of things that you don’t know about me Ashton.” She stated with a wink.  “Are you coming?” 


            “Hell, yes I am.” I laughed as I caught up with her. “I also intend to find every single detail about you.” 


            Robyn smirked as she opened the fridge door. “You’ll be breaking laws if you do.” 


            “I’m up for it.” I winked. 


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